Open Source Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The Power of Embracing Open Source IAM Solutions

Information is a power only if you can take action with it. Open Source Identity and Access Management is the core tool you can use for ensuring cybersecurity. To deflect and prevent the majority of data breaches, it is necessary to secure credentials and verify users. Certainly, IAM forms the modern organization’s digital perimeter; strong authentication protocols alone can help keep digital assets secure and keep external and internal threat actors out.

We have even arranged a webinar with Senthil Palaniappan who is the founder and CEO of Sennovate. He has around 25+ years of industry experience and also is an expert in identity and access management. In this webinar, we have talked about open-source IAM solutions and their capabilities in depth. This webinar is mainly created with the purpose of guiding startups and organizations that want to set up an IAM solution from scratch and learn more about it. Watch the full webinar.

Do you want to get started with the open-source identity access management software? Or want to switch from a commercial identity access management platform to an open-source identity access management platform? As well as want to set up an IAM solution for your startup company without burning a hole in your pocket? And how to know which will be the best open-source platform for your organization? If yes, then you are on the right platform. This blog is all about how organizations can embrace the power of open source IAM solutions.

So let’s get started!

First things first, What Is An Open Source IAM?

IAM means managing and administering user identities of an organization and giving it to the right people without having multiple logging sessions.

The term “Open Source” is a code available in public. Open source tools and solutions are also more secure as the code can be inspected and reviewed by anyone.

At Sennovate, we work and collaborate with various IAM partners like Gluu, Keycloak, CyberArk, ForgeRock, Okta, and more to provide services like Identity and Access Management, Security Operations Center (SOC), Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication, Privileged Access Management (PAM), Identity Governance and Administration(IGA) and many more.

In today’s blog, we mainly focus on Gluu.

How Does Open Source IAM Solution Help Startups?

There is constant pressure on the startups to set up the cybersecurity infrastructure. They have to take cybersecurity seriously and set up IAM solutions to grow their organizations. The basic requirement of the startups is quick to the market. So for them, cloud solution works well instead of on-premises. But it depends on the requirement of the startup.

According to Senthil, “with limited products, cloud products like Okta, Adaptive, CyberArk and others work great”. Startups can be started with these products within the minutes. On the other side, some startups want to grow in the marketplace first and then want to focus on revenue. Those kinds of startup companies should look for open source products like Gluu.

The most important benefit of open source is that you don’t incur the license cost. Also, security is the not to ignore factor when it comes to startups. You really can’t just say that you focus much on features and not on security. As once you lose the customer’s trust it is very hard to win it back. Hence, to grow your business, you have to and have to focus on security. Open source has become a game-changer when it comes to empowering security innovation and Gluu is a perfect example of that.

So, What Is Gluu?

Gluu is one of the best and leading open-source identity and access management (IAM) solutions. It helps enterprises to remain safe from cyber-attacks and threats. For the digital enterprise, it is modern authentication.

Many of the businesses, universities, and government agencies across the globe are successfully using the Gluu Server. It combines best-of-breed open source identity and access management software with easy deployment and administration and is engineered to support robust enterprise requirements for uptime and availability. Click here to know more about the Gluu Server.

Why Choose Gluu For Your Organization?


The best part of Gluu Server is its scalability. You can scale up by adding more servers automatically without any interruption with the help of Gluu’s cloud-native distribution. The Gluu Server can handle it all, regardless of your performance requirements. It is the only identity management solution that can take advantage of Couchbase’s next-generation persistence capabilities.


The Gluu Server is flexible enough that allows you to add custom code to integrate backend systems at various points in the authentication and authorization process. It defines numerous interfaces and allows you to write a bit of Python or Java code to implement the exact logic you need to get the job done. Also, Gluu is based on open-source code. This means that you will never again be stuck waiting for a vendor to ship some critical new feature.


Privacy is like the synonym of Gluu. It works best when it comes to privacy. The secrets, like user passwords and client credentials, are stored in the cloud. You know exactly where your data resides by self-hosting a Gluu Server. Also, to interact with end-users after authentication to gather consent before sharing PII with third parties, you can use the UMA protocol. Your organization can comply with GDPR with the help of this.

User Experience

We all are working to impress our users, so it is of utmost importance to increase the user experience. You can be authentic like a consumer giant without having to reinvent the wheel with your branding and in your language with the help of the Gluu Server.

Seamless Cybersecurity

Gluu authentication is like a lock on the door of threats and cybercrimes or cyberattacks. With less cost, you can stop the hackers with these advanced adaptive authentication techniques. After, all the businesses regardless of startups or large are concerned about cybersecurity.

How Sennovate Will Help You?

We at Sennovate made the installation process much easier for you. We have come up with various automation and innovations to make the installation process quicker, simpler as well as easier. You can get your Gluu environment not in months or days but in minutes with us. We have launched Sennovate+ a platform designed to setup and experience the full potential of Gluu open-source IAM Solution hassle-free. Start your free-trial.

Sennovate+ IAM, Open-source IAM solutions

It gives you the complete dashboard to play around with. We provide you with the automation of creating the security modules, automation of customization, automation of migrating users, and creating the users. With us, you don’t have to worry about growing the millions of users. We always have you back. Our solutions are startup-friendly and come with all the features.

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