ETP as a Service

Shield your inbox from evolving email threats like phishing, malware, and spam with our cloud-based Email Threat Protection (ETP) as a Service. Safeguard your data, enhance productivity, and maintain a secure email environment.

Unbreakable Email Security with ETP-as-a-Service

Advanced Threat Detection

Block sophisticated phishing attacks, zero-day threats, and malware using AI and machine learning. 

Spam Elimination

Drastically reduce unwanted emails, boosting user efficiency and minimizing distractions. 

Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Prevent sensitive data from leaving your organization through email, mitigating security risks and data breaches. 

Automated Quarantine and Reporting

Isolate suspicious emails for review and gain detailed insights into email threats. 

Simplified Security Management

Eliminate in-house infrastructure and expertise needs, reducing security overhead and IT costs. 

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ETP Platform Essential Advance
90-Day Threat Scan Back (O365 Only
Report Phishing Button
Phishing Simulation and Training
Centralized Incident Management Control
Automated Email Incident Detection and Response
Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection
Crowdsourced SOC in Real Time (Community)
End-user Awareness Banners
Notification/Alerts in MS Teams/Slack
Advanced Threat Protection/Sandbox
Ransomware Protection
Advanced URL and Malware Protection
Fake Login Page Protection
Collaboration App Protection (MSFT Teams)
Account Take Over
App API Support
Security Awareness Training
150+ Exclusive Training Videos
Themis Co-Pilot
Autonomous Trainings
Managed Services Essential Advance
Platform Set-Up
Incident Analysis and Response
Proactive Tuning
Weekly Status Reports
Project Management
Security Analyst Support Coverage 12x5 24x7
Response Time (SLA) 2 Hours 1 Hour
Monthly Security Posture Review Meetings
Business Continuity Assessment
Security and Compliance Management Advisory