Stop 99% of Insider Threats: Sennovate Delivers Powerful PAM-as-a-Service

In the modern digital landscape, managing and securing privileged access is paramount for safeguarding critical systems, sensitive data, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Privileged accounts, by their nature, have elevated permissions that provide significant control over IT systems and sensitive data. Mismanagement of these accounts can lead to severe security vulnerabilities, making them prime targets for cyberattacks. Effective PAM is essential to ensure that privileged access is granted only to authorized users, managed securely, and monitored continuously.​ Sennovate PAM-as-a-Service (Privileged Access Management as a Service) offers a comprehensive and robust solution tailored to meet the complex needs of organizations of all sizes. Our offering is tailored to fit a wide range of customer needs and are available in three main categories: open source, high value, and premium, featuring best-in-class IAM products from the market. Whether you are looking for an entry-level solution or a comprehensive, high-end PAM system, we have the right option to meet your requirements. We also facilitate a BYO (Bring Your Own) option to leverage the best ROI from your existing investments.​ Our service delivery model is designed to provide end-to-end support, 24x7x365, covering all your PAM needs from advisory and implementation to managed services. We offer flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and delivery models to ensure that our solutions align with your business objectives and operational demands. By choosing Sennovate PAM-as-a-Service, your organization can manage privileged access effectively, protecting your critical assets and supporting your business objectives.​

Key Solutions

Password Vault

Securely store and manage privileged credentials in an encrypted vault, reducing the risk of password theft and misuse.​

Just-in-time access (JIT)​

Grant privileged access only for the duration needed to perform specific tasks, reducing the window of opportunity for misuse.​

Contextual Security

Adjusts authentication requirements based on user behaviour, location, device, and risk levels, providing dynamic security measures.​

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Ensure users have appropriate access levels based on their roles, minimizing the risk of over-privileged accounts.​

Session monitoring

Monitor privileged sessions in real-time to detect and respond to suspicious activities promptly.​

Privilege delegation

Delegate privileged tasks to authorized users while maintaining control and oversight.​

Privileged account management

Automated discovery of privileged accounts across the network, ensuring no account goes unmanaged or unnoticed.​

Provisioning and de-provisioning

Automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of privileged user accounts to ensure timely access for new hires and prompt removal for departing employees.​

Endpoint privileged management

Involves controlling, monitoring, and auditing the use of elevated privileges on endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of security breaches.​

Audit and Reporting

Maintain comprehensive logs of all privileged identity-related activities and generate compliance reports to meet regulatory requirements.​

Scalability and Flexibility

Manage privileged identities across on-premises and cloud, environments seamlessly. ​

Bring Your Own PAM Partners or Choose From Ours

Sennovate enables organizations to bring on their own PAM solutions, preserving their investments while leveraging our expertise for enhanced security and efficiency. We help organizations by: ✓ Retaining control of their current PAM investments ✓ Minimizing disruptions and maximizing output ✓ Providing management and support of current PAM investments

PAM-as-a-Service Plan

Pick, choose and pay for what you need in your business! No need to pull extra budget strings with out PAM as a service solutions!

PAM Solutions Essential Advance
Password vault
Agentless PAM
Session monitor & control
Malicious activity detection and response
Granular access control
JIT privileged access
Privileged elevation & delegation
Privileged account discovery
Secure Remote Access
Adaptive MFA & SSO
Seamless User Provisioning & De-provisioning
Custom branding
Endpoint Privilege Management
Platform Management Essential Advance
PAM platform set-up
PAM platform monitoring
Managed Service - ISTM Essential Advance
Incident management
Service request management
Change management
RCA and problem management
Status report
Support documentation
Project management
Coverage Essential Advance
Support coverage 12x5 24x7
Response time (SLA) 2 Hours 1 Hour
Advisory Essential Advance
Yearly Business Continuity Assessment
Audit and Compliance Advisory
Quarterly PAM Maturity Assessment