Empower Your Workforce with SAT as a Service

Tired of ineffective security awareness training? Sennovate's SAT as a Service goes beyond one-size-fits-all modules to deliver engaging, personalized training that actually changes employee behavior.

Spot and Stop Phishing Emails Before They Hit the Inbox

Behavior-focused training

We don’t just inform, we transform employee habits for lasting security improvements.

Measurable results

Track ROI with clear metrics and see the impact of your investment

Continuous updates

Our content and simulations evolve with the latest threats and industry trends

Scalable solution

Fits businesses of all sizes and adapts to your unique needs.

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SAT as a Service

SAT Platform Essential Advance
85+ Micro Learning Modules
4 Learning Categories- Security, Business, Compliance + IT Skills
120+ Courses
200+ Phishing Templates
Multiple Media Formats - Infographics, Posters and Videos
Managed Services Essential Advance
User On-Boarding
Preliminary Test Campaign
Scheduled Phishing Campaigns and Training
Monthly Status Reports
9x5 Technical Support
Support Coverage 8am-5pm 24X7
Response Time (SLA) 2hr 1hr
Project Management