Sennovate Solutions Trials

"As an organisation, I want a trial before getting a security solution."

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Hands-on Trials for Unmatched Protection

At Sennovate, we demonstrate the value of our security solutions firsthand with our exclusive trial offerings. Each trial provides you with a hands-on experience, allowing you to explore our cutting-edge solutions in your own environment. Gain valuable insights, enhance your security measures, and see how our solutions and services seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure to improve your security posture.

Available Sennovate Trials

Sennovate Trials offer hands-on experience with our robust security solutions, allowing you to evaluate their effectiveness and fit for your organization. Our trials are designed to be quickly deployed and provide valuable insights, ensuring you can make informed decisions about our solutions and services.

Extended Detection & Response (XDR) Trial

Experience comprehensive threat detection and response across your entire network, endpoints, and cloud environments. 

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Trial

Evaluate our IAM solutions to enhance your security by managing user identities and controlling access to critical resources.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Trial

Gain advanced endpoint protection with real-time threat detection, analysis, and remediation. 

Cloud Vulnerability Assessment (CNVM) Trial

Assess the vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure and receive actionable insights to mitigate risks. 

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Trial

Ensure your cloud environments are secure with continuous monitoring and automated compliance checks. 

Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) Trial

Enhance your Kubernetes clusters’ security by identifying and mitigating configuration issues and vulnerabilities. 

Cloud Compliance Quick Scan

Quickly assess your cloud environments for compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Trial

Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access and prevent data breaches with our advanced DLP solutions. 

Get Started with Sennovate Trials

Empower your organization with the immediate benefits of Sennovate’s trial solutions. Our trials are designed to be ready whenever you need them, providing tailored, scalable security enhancements that integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. 

Experience the Sennovate difference firsthand by requesting a trial of our solutions implemented in your environment. Our expert team is ready to help you transform your security framework, ensuring robust protection and seamless operations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore our trial offerings.