Powerful DLP-as-a-Service for Data Security

Safeguard your critical information with our comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as a Service. Prevent sensitive data from unauthorized access, exfiltration, and breaches, ensuring compliance and data privacy.

Stop Data Leaks Before They Happen

Comprehensive Data Protection

Secure data across endpoints, networks, cloud, and applications.

Real-time Data Monitoring

Identify and classify sensitive data based on pre-defined policies and data types. 

Alerting and Prevention

Block or restrict unauthorized data transfers and access attempts. 

Compliance Assurance

Maintain adherence to data privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. 

Reduced Data Security Risk

Proactively address data leakage vulnerabilities and minimize potential damage. 

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DLP as a Service

DLP Platform (Trellix) Essential Advance
AI/ML powered data classification
Support for Windows and macOS workstations and servers
Data discovery and mapping
Data exfiltration prevention
Prevention policies for unauthorized device installation
Content based monitoring, filtering, and blocking – 24x7x365
Drive Encryption
File and removable media protection
Native encryption management
Compliance and reporting
Centralized monitoring
Instant user education on policy violation
Managed Services Essential Advance
DLP Platform Management
→ Platform Set-Up
→ Platform monitoring
DLP Platform Administration & support
→ Asset on-boarding
→ Incident Analysis and Response
→ Proactive Tuning
→ Weekly status reports
→ Project Management
→ Support Coverage 12x5 24x7
→ Response Time (SLA) 2 Hours 1 Hour
→ Monthly security posture review meetings
→ Security and compliance advisory