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In today’s digital landscape, managing and governing user identities and access rights is crucial for maintaining security, ensuring compliance, and optimizing operational efficiency. Sennovate IGA-as-a-Service (Identity Governance and Administration as a Service) offers a comprehensive and scalable solution tailored to meet the complex needs of modern organizations. With over 16 years of experience in the enterprise security domain, Sennovate provides a robust, flexible, and integrated IGA solution that helps organizations streamline identity management processes, enhance security postures, and achieve regulatory compliance.​ Sennovate’s IGA-as-a-Service leverages advanced technologies and best practices to automate and manage the entire identity lifecycle, from user onboarding and provisioning to access certification and de-provisioning. ​ Our service offering is tailored to fit a wide range of customer needs and are available in three main categories: open source, high value, and premium, featuring best-in-class IGA products from the market. Whether you are looking for an entry-level solution or a comprehensive, high-end IGA system, we have the right option to meet your requirements. We also facilitate a BYO (Bring Your Own) option to leverage the best ROI from your existing investments.​ Our service delivery model is designed to provide end-to-end support, 24x7x365, covering all your IGA needs from advisory and implementation to managed services. We offer flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and delivery models to ensure that our solutions align with your business objectives and operational demands. By choosing Sennovate IGA-as-a-Service, your organization can manage identities and access rights effectively, protecting your critical assets and supporting your business objectives.​

Key Solutions

Access Request and approvals

Provide a user-friendly interface for employees to request access to applications, data, and resources with defined approval process.​

Provisioning and De-provisioning

Automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts to ensure timely access for new hires and prompt removal for departing employees.​

Access review and attestation

Conduct regular reviews and attestation of user access rights to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements.​

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Ensure users have appropriate access levels based on their roles, minimizing the risk of over-privileged accounts.​

Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Ensures that no single individual has control over all aspects of any critical transaction, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized actions or mistakes going undetected.​

Analytics and Reporting

Track and log all identity-related activities, providing a comprehensive audit trail for security and compliance purposes and generate compliance reports​

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Identity Administration (IA) Essential Advance
Integrations Connectors
Automated Access Request Management Workflows
Entitlement Management
Identity Governance (IG) Essential Advance
Segregation of Duties (SoD)
Access Review
Role-based Access Management
Analytics and Reporting
Managed Service - ITSM Essential Advance
Incident management
Service request management
Change management
RCA and problem management
Status report
Support documentation
Project management
Coverage Essential Advance
Support coverage 12x5 24x7
Response time (SLA) 2 Hours 1 Hour
Advisory Essential Advance
Yearly Business Continuity Assessment
Audit and Compliance Advisory
Quarterly IGA Maturity Assessment