Don't guess about your security! Sennovate's Assessment-as-a-Service provides a deep dive into your IT infrastructure and security posture, giving you the insights and actionable recommendations you need to mitigate risks, prioritize investments, and achieve compliance.

Unbiased Security Evaluation

Obtain a neutral and objective assessment of your security posture from experienced professionals. 

Vulnerability Detection and Risk Analysis

Identify critical vulnerabilities across networks, systems, and applications. 

Remediation Prioritization

Receive actionable recommendations and guidance to address vulnerabilities according to risk and impact. 

Compliance Mapping and Reporting

Ensure alignment with industry standards and regulations (PCI-DSS, SOC 2). 

Improved Security Posture and Awareness

Gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses to guide continuous security improvement.

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Assessment as a Service

Essential Advance
Platform Discovery
Current State Review
Vulnerability Assessment
Risk Analysis and Scoring
Risk Remediation Plan
Compliance Gap Analysis
Security Posture Assessment
Best Practices and Recommendations
Assessment Report
Essential Advance
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