Log4Shell- Latest Security Vulnerability

Log4Shell: A Comprehensive Guide

The revelation of a new security risk has taken the cybersecurity community by storm.
But don’t worry we have everything you need to know about the Log4j event, from its release through its remediation.

According to some news sources, more than 100 hacking attempts are being made every minute through this vulnerability. Many big companies are threatened because most of them use Java in some way or the other to create applications.

In this blog we will learn more about Log4j and then move on to understand about the incident that has occurred and how Sennovate can help you manage this cybersecurity threat.

What is Log4j, and how does it work?

Log4j is a Java-based logging framework (APIs). The Apache Software License governs its distribution. In simple terms, it helps assist developers or programmers in keeping track of what is going on with their apps. It basically notes down everything a program is doing. Log4j is both open source and free and hence used widely. 

Developers use Log4j to keep a log of what is going on in their software applications or internet services. It is one of those projects that operates silently in the background. Helping in assisting developers in the creation of many items that you use directly. All the big Multinational Companies like Apple, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Google and Amazon, all run the software.

What is the Log4j flaw?

Log4j has lately been vulnerable despite its widespread use. The recently discovered hole in Log4j lets attackers run their code on your systems, allowing them to steal data, install malware, or take control and access all of your sensitive data. Hackers can easily access the company’s computer servers. They can also widen their access into the company’s network and as a result get access to discrete data. It’s been causing a lot of problems for organizations and has put a lot of data at risk.

We now know the flaw, but how can it be fixed?

Firstly, a simple configuration modification might assist you in resolving the issue. The update distributed by Log4j has the potential to completely eliminate the affected system. Secondly, the main issue is determining how much, and to what extent, your organization’s systems have been damaged in order to entirely eliminate this risk. So in conclusion, if you manage to detect this, half of the issue is addressed as it allows the configuration to be initiated to stop it from advancing further.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Stay calm and work through the basics:

The first thing you should do is change your passwords. So if you’re using a vulnerable operating system, this doesn’t help much, but it’s still important to delete any sensitive information that you may have stored on your computer, as a result the data won’t be compromised.

Apply the suggested configurations:

Users should ensure that they update their gadgets, software, and applications to patch the bug. Check out the latest information here.

Stay up to date on the latest log4j news:

Check news and updates daily on Log4j. Make sure you are up-to-date on what is happening around and do that necessary upgrades required and shared by the security team.

How is Sennovate helping to mitigate this?

Sennovate is in touch with all its customers and helping them in detecting this threat and helping them in patching the vulnerability to make sure it doesn’t extend its reach to the sensitive data of the company. If you want help to protect your company from this threat you can reach out to us. 

If you are using an IAM solution, this blog is a must-read as it contains a ton of information about how to patch the Log4Shell vulnerability. 🌐👨🏻‍💻

Here are more details on how Sennovate has been helping its clients in resolving this.

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