Gluu - An Open Source IAM Solution For Your Enterprise

Gluu – An Open Source IAM Solution For Your Enterprise

Enterprises are always in a search of a highly secured Identity & Access Management solution. The reason for this is that there are always chances of cyber attacks and threats, especially to IT sectors.

Gluu is the leading open-source identity and access management (IAM) solution. It helps enterprises to remain safe from cyber-attacks and threats. For the digital enterprise, it is modern authentication.

Numerous businesses, universities, and government agencies around the world are already using Gluu Server successfully. It combines best-of-breed open source identity and access management software with easy deployment and administration and is engineered to support robust enterprise requirements for uptime and availability.

But, you must be wondering why to choose Gluu Enterprise? What is the pricing of the Gluu Server? What are the products and services are offered by the Gluu Enterprise?

No worries!

In this blog, we will cover all the things regarding the Gluu . This blog will be a little advance. If you are a beginner you can check this MSSP Guide To Gluu to know what is Gluu Server is, its benefits, and its features. So be with us and at the end of this blog, you will know all the things regarding the Gluu Enterprise and why it is important for enterprises.

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Why Gluu Enterprise?

The enterprises that want to self-host an identity platform based on Gluu Server 4.x can subscribe for Gluu Enterprise. It includes a commercially-backed distribution of several open-source identities and access management (IAM) components, integrated and working together. One can choose how they want to deploy on Linux servers or containers, as well as which components they want to use.

If you have security and privacy requirements that restrain cloud solutions, then Self-hosting makes sense. If you have performance or customization requirements that cloud-hosted identity platforms can’t satisfy, then also it is sensible to opt for Self-hosting. Your identity service takes work to build. But with a Gluu Enterprise subscription, it’s easier, as Sennovate is here to make sure your deployment and operations are successful.


Reasons to choose Gluu for Enterprise:


  • Scalability

The best part of Gluu Server is its scalability. You can scale up by adding more servers automatically without any interruption with the help of Gluu’s cloud-native distribution. The Gluu Server can handle it all, regardless of your performance requirements. It is the only identity management solution that can take advantage of Couchbase’s next-generation persistence capabilities.

  • Flexibility

The Gluu Server is flexible enough that allows you to add custom code to integrate backend systems at various points in the authentication and authorization process. It defines numerous interfaces and allows you to write a bit of Python or Java code to implement the exact logic you need to get the job done. Also, Gluu is based on open-source code. This means that you will never again be stuck waiting for a vendor to ship some critical new feature.

  • Privacy

Privacy is like the synonym of Gluu. It works best when it comes to privacy. The secrets, like user passwords and client credentials, are stored in the cloud. You know exactly where your data resides by self-hosting a Gluu Server. Also, to interact with end-users after authentication to gather consent before sharing PII with third parties, you can use the UMA protocol. Your organization can comply with GDPR with the help of this.


Products Offered By Gluu


  • Gluu Server

Gluu Server is open-source software for Identity & Access Management by the US developer Gluu. Gluu server offers an open-source platform to help companies monitor access to their resources and those within a partner network. It is based on protocols like SAML, OpenID Connect, and OAuth2. It even offers single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Single sign-on (SSO) for all applications greatly improves the user experience beyond the boundaries of the aforementioned protocols. Almost any given application can be connected with this. Therefore, Gluu Server is a flexible access management software that can increase data security and reduce costs in the long run. Click here to know more.

  • Gluu Casa

Gluu Casa is a self-service Multi-Factor Authentication to boost your digital identity. It is revolutionary. A single point of management for end-users to view, enroll, and remove MFA credentials, including hardware tokens, software tokens, commercial services (like Duo), social login, biometric, and mobile is provided by the Casa. It is also extensible. You can download plugins to leverage them in your organization when new authentication technologies arise with the help of Casa.

It provides modern multi-factor authentication like Adaptive Authentication, Location-based Authentication, and Trusted Browser. 

  • Open Banking

The Gluu Open Banking Identity Platform allows banks faster the time of the market by giving a special feature and security profile that is purpose-built. The objective of this is to minimize the technical surface area.

Gluu open banking always retains the freedom to use the core software and to get the latest security updates.

  • Super Gluu

One of the most secured two-factor authentication (2FA) for the mobile app is Super Gluu. It is strongly associated with the Gluu Server identity and access management platform and can be used to gain 2FA for web and mobile applications that leverage Gluu for authentication. It is one of the appropriate 2FA for Mobile push notifications and FIDO encryption. It provides better identity access management for customers, citizens, and the remote workforce.


Gluu Offer Various Plugins

  • BioID – It allows liveness detection and facial recognition biometric authentication service. 
  • Duo – By using a second source of validation, like a phone or token, to verify user identity before permitting access. In this way, it protects your applications.
  • inWebo – It provides an organization the necessary flexibility to map the business logic for authentication across many scenarios.
  • SMS – SMS OTP plugin sends a one-time password (OTP) with the SMS text to the user’s phone.
  • X.509 Certificate – It allows using x.509 certificates as a second-factor authentication.
  • Email – It sends a one-time-use code to the user to authenticate the application.
  • Registration Approval – It approves the registration of the newly registered users.
  • RSA SecurID Authentication – It provides an extra security layer enabling centralized, secure access via single sign-on to an organization’s IT assets.
  • Consent Management – It allows end-users to view and revoke previously granted authorizations provided to applications accessed with their account in a Gluu Server.


What Is The Pricing Of the Gluu?

The normal pricing of the Gluu is $5/month/user for the basic package. And for the pro package, the pricing of the Gluu is $25/month/user. 

At Sennovate, we offer the Gluu Server at the best in class industry pricing. The average annual cost of a Gluu Server for 1000 employees(approx) will be $ 240,000. The annual ROI for enterprise Gluu will be $ 2,666,250. You can even calculate the pricing according to your needs and requirements. Click here to calculate!


Wrapping Up

There is no need to opt for CyberArk and Okta who have huge licensing fees attached. Instead, you can opt for Gluu. It serves all your needs and requirements. 


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