Introducing Sennovate+

Sennovate Plus (Beta) allows Open-Source Enthusiasts/Organizations to try out Gluu within Minutes!

“Pass over the hurdles of managing identities with Sennovate’s Identity And Access Management Solution”

With Sennovate+ now you can set up an account and start with a Gluu server within minutes. Sennovate will simplify the process of configuration, installation, and maintenance of a Gluu server and focus on adding and managing all their identities in one place.

December 12, 2021 – We are pleased to announce that we have come up with a new Sennovate Plus (Beta) Product. It allows you to enable faster adoption of Open Source IAM.

Our new product allows organizations to easily use a Gluu Server for managing their identities along with fast time to market.

The good news is we are offering a 7-Day free trial of Sennovate Plus (Beta). After the trial period, if the users want to continue using the service, they can buy a monthly subscription for $99/month and use the service for any time. 

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Here is Senthil Palaniappan – Founder & CEO of Sennovate explaining about Sennovate+

If users want any custom requirements and setup, they can contact us and we will provide all the custom solutions with support and custom SLA for $199/month. When organizations are on the growing stage, managing identities is a major hurdle they are facing. The main agenda of Identity and Access Management solutions is to solve this problem.

The IAM solutions also have certain disadvantages when it comes to configuring and setting up one solution. The setting up process of IAM solutions is really complex, lengthy, and time-consuming. The cost of buying and licensing IAM solutions is also very expensive when you are starting as an organization. This also becomes a reason why a lot of organizations neglect setting up a proper, robust IAM solution when they are on the growing stage.

Why Sennovate+?

With Sennovate Plus (Beta) one can set up and use an IAM solution in just minutes that too at a fraction of the cost without any huge licensing cost involved. Users can set up Gluu – our IAM solution of choice in minutes and use it to manage all their identities online.

Gluu is an open-source IAM solution that can deliver and provide solutions for all your identity needs. Sennovate is a proud partner of Gluu and helps enable a seamless IAM setup for organizations of any size. 

Want to try out the seamless Sennovate Plus Product? Go to and join our waitlist, and we will invite you to test and explore our IAM service free of cost. The features and tools are still in the pipelines for the users to deploy as it is currently available as a beta. With the current version, you can enjoy the 7-day free trial and manage all the identities. Once the trial period ends, you can buy the plan at $99 monthly that allows using the service indefinitely.

 For a custom SLA and email support from Sennovate, you can check out the $199/month plan.

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