Managed Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Let us manage your information security so that you can focus on your business.

About Us

IAM Service Provider

Sennovate is a leader in providing Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions and services. Besides Sennovate is well known as a managed security services provider (MSSP). Our story beginnings is substantial to our growth, and what we are a company today – for details, see below our growth trajectory over the past 10 years.

We always are innovating for our customers, to prevent their organizations from cyber threats. Our focus is developing AI and automation technologies supporting IT security products. We already have developed AI Security Assistants, for our customers to experience a seamless and secured experience



Managed Identities

Why choose us

Sennovate was founded in 2007 as an IT consulting and managed services firm. At first, we primarily worked with on-premises database, middleware, and applications from Oracle, Microsoft, and other leading vendors. We provided design, implementation, integration, customization, and 24/7 maintenance and support services for large enterprises. As a result, we developed outstanding expertise in delivering world-class IT advisory and managed services — which is still deeply embedded in our DNA today.


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