Sennovate is a leader in Managed Security Services (MSSP) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions — powered by AI. Our beginnings were substantial to our growth and what we have become as a company today — see below to learn about the evolution of Sennovate over the past 10 years.

infrastructure managed servcies provider - Sennovate in 2007

Roots in Infrastructure Managed Services

Sennovate was founded in 2007 as an IT consulting and managed services firm. At first, we primarily worked with on-premises database, middleware, and applications from Oracle, Microsoft, and other leading vendors. We provided design, implementation, integration, customization, and 24/7 maintenance and support services for large enterprises. As a result, we developed outstanding expertise in delivering world-class IT advisory and managed services which is still deeply embedded in our DNA today.

Pioneers in the Cloud

Fast forward to 2010 — “the cloud” completely disrupted the IT landscape. We realized that businesses would need to evolve to adapt to the new paradigm. So, we became one of the first official Amazon Web Services (AWS) service partners and began helping organizations of all sizes leverage the power of the cloud to accelerate their success. We have worked extensively on private, public, and hybrid clouds, so we can handle even the most complex IT environments.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure service partner - Sennovate in 2010
Sennovate - a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for Identity and Access Management

A Leader in Identity and Access Management Services

By 2013, we found ourselves working on many information security projects. At the time, few products met the custom needs of our clients, which is why we created our own product: Cloudentix. This helped us to develop deep expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM). From there, we further developed expertise in a wide variety of other information security products and partnered with IAM leaders such as Okta, SailPoint, CyberArk, Thycotic, and many others to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

Sennovate's Future: Security AI

We love being able to help protect our customers from cyber threats and see ourselves remaining a leader and innovator in the security sector. In particular, we are focused on applying artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies — in the form of our exclusive A.I. Security Assistants — to continually improve information security and create a more seamless and painless security experience for organizations worldwide.

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