Criteria for Selecting a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Criteria for Selecting a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)  

In today’s world, many companies rely on internet and technology to do business. Cybersecurity initiatives are taken by the companies to protect data and confidential information from the intruders, hackers, and cyber-criminals. Some organizations may choose to set up an internal cyber-security unit and while some may choose to outsource it. A MSSP can be operated in-house or remotely, often via the cloud. Also, there are certain cloud-managed security service providers specialized in some sub-providers to provide a stronger and more comprehensive service. 

One can choose to employ an MSSP for many reasons, including the lack of in-house talent, low IT protection, and many more. MSSP deliver first of all professional and seasoned workers. There are many MSSP’s on the market, and it requires a lot of research to choose the correct provider who meets the business needsSome MSSP providers sell products as well as managed services. 

 Be sure to compare apples to apples when assessing possible MSSP. There are several questions to answer when selecting a trusted security provider but look for certain requirements which ensure that the provider you choose is adequately protected and that your company receives all the necessary information.  

How to choose the right MSSP?   

Choosing an MSSP is a difficult choice, but choosing the right partner would benefit the organization in the long run. By comparing MSSP to a standard set of parameters you can simplify the process for MSSP selection. These requirements allow you to choose the best MSSP for the data security needs of your organization. Below is the checklist which can help you choose the correct MSSP. 

Customized solution

They need to adapt their activities to the business industry, hardware, software, and business practices to ensure an MSSP has the correct security solutions. For instance, an organization with a thousand sales representatives on company computers would have very different needs to meet than a company in which four law firms operate. The solutions proposed should concentrate on your needs directly.  

Stability Of The MSSP

You are looking for a company that has been in the market for a few years. New cyber-security companies are emerging every day, but many don’t have the money to meet their client’s requirements.   

User Experience Of The MSSP

As a customer, it is important to be able to get a single online dashboard up-to-date on your device health and your MSSP activities. The MSSP should be updated in real-time to give  an idea of the security status of the network.  

Cost-Effective MSSP

The price of the services that are provided must be competitive. The price should fit into your company’s budget. When you don’t know what the budget ought to be, take into account that a small to medium-sized business has estimated cyber-attack costs of over $100,000 before litigation and regulatory fines. Further, remember that most small firms will be closed 6 months after an attack and, when a cyber-attack is published, even large companies will see double-digit market declines.  

Responsiveness Of The MSSP

Do you get an individual if you make a call? If not, you will have to switch to a different provider. You need to be able to contact a real person instantly if your device crashes because of a virus, or if anything is blocked due to ransomware.  


Any discussion of technology would probably leave most bosses short, but the IT team will probably understand what’s being told. Moreover, MSSP technicians should take the time to explain to you what they use and what is your company’s best option. Technology makes it easy to blend consumers with great products, but it is vital to know why they want this product and how it is going to safeguard the properties.  


Any MSSP who seeks a contract should know why they are eligible to manage the assets of your business. For example, if you have a medical company, you need to protect HIPAA rights. Each organization needs a slightly different safety plan for its specific details. Ask the basic details of your organization and what it is going to do to protect it. Some data can require additional security such as off-site archiving storage, such as HIPAA, and securities data. All of this should be driven by the MSSP.  

The truth is that MSSP is a much cheaper, more efficient choice than building your security equipment with few exceptions.  

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