A Quick Guide to NetIQ

A Quick Guide to NetIQ

Due to increasing cyber threats, organizations are looking forward to implementing the best IAM strategies to protect their data and resources. While there may be different IAM solutions that may meet your needs, let’s talk about NetIQ – Microfocus.   

What is NetIQ 

NetIQ is a platform that provides complete identity access and management solutions comprising user life cycle management over a wide range of on-prem, cloud-based, and SaaS applications.   

NetIQ products have the following variants which one can choose according to the demand of their industry: 

  • NetIQ Access Manager  
  • NetIQ Advanced Authentication  
  • NetIQ Identity Governance  
  • NetIQ privileged Account Manager  
  • NetIQ Active Directory bridge  

Let us see in brief about each solution  

NetIQ Access Manager  

NetIQ Access Manager provides Single Sign On (SSO) and uncomplicated access control for all your intended users like your staff, customers, or devices provided to your customers with self-help options beyond Azure Active Directory. It facilitates seamless services to your partner with secure interaction with access managers. Some other prominent features of Access Manager include safe web access management and zero trust implementation.   

NetIQ Advanced Authentication  

Advanced authentication allows you login to applications without any two-factor authentication steps. It instead performs an advanced risk-based authentication step to define when and what authentication is required and allows access based on the factors that help understand the reason for authentication. This product also allows geographical position-based authentication as an advance feature to manage authentication attempts from different locations and allows access only based on selected geographical location. Key noteworthy features of this product are multi-tenant support (for an organization having multiple distinct requirements) and multi-suite support (for organizations who function globally). 

NetIQ Identity Governance

This product enables you to implement the least privilege and entitles with visibility to know who can access what assets and thereby alleviating the risks involved. You can also specify a role-based access model so that you can focus on providing fine-grained access to resources and manage different asset access with roles to govern them.   

NetIQ Privileged Account Manager

A privileged Account Manager helps to manage and define accounts having elevated access to resources. This product uses a credential vault to store and manage passwords for all privileged accounts to streamline the authentication process. It also provides automated policy control and prevents threats. In other words, when users with limited privileges try to access restricted resources, it kills the session to avoid any misuse of privileges and maintains access bound only to users that have eligible access privilege to the resource.   

NetIQ Active Directory Bridge  

With Active Directory bridge, you can stretch your privileges and policy management kit over your Linux environment. It improves efficiency as it helps one to achieve centralized user management. The active directory bridge also helps to gain increased ROI and leverage your investments. 


In conclusion, one size does not fit all hence Sennovate pays keen attention to their customer’s infrastructure and provides customized service. Sennovate delivers custom identity and access management solutions to businesses around the globe. Sennovate ensures to provide a seamless experience with integration across all cloud applications, and a single price for product, implementation, and support. Have questions? The consultation is always free. Email [email protected] or call us at: (925) 918-6618.