Why You Need an MSSP like Sennovate in 2022

Why You Need An MSSP Like Sennovate in 2022

In today’s ever-changing world, practically to serve the customers and manage the business operations, each of the enterprises generates data and depends on technology. This also suggests that probably all businesses are at risk of digital crime and attacks. Certainly, you have to take measures to protect your data, applications, and systems. But the question is what is the best strategy for achieving cybersecurity goals or choosing the right Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Partner?

Also, you may be wondering how important it has become to have a security-first approach? Why 2022 is the year to make way to secure your organization as we head to a digital future? How remote work has evolved to build a global workforce with a hybrid organization? How can MSSPs help in this? And why need an MSSP Partner like Sennovate? In this post, all the questions will be answered and we consider how and when an MSSP could be of value.

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Reasons You Need An MSSP in 2022

Proper Testing Validates Your Data Protection

Testing and validation are the most important factors for your cybersecurity. An MSSP can test your cybersecurity systems and processes at the beginning of an engagement and regular intervals later. You need an MSSP as they know how to design a particular testing protocol for data and applications, the data center, edge technologies, client devices, the various onsite and remote user scenarios. Sensitive intellectual data, as well as important business systems, have required advanced, simulated attacks and more challenging tests than cloud-based business productivity tools, but the business context should determine testing conditions.

Treating Security And Compliance Holistically

Compliance with regulatory mandates and industry or even company-specific quality standards is one of the most important aspects of testing and risk management. You need an MSSP that will help you to assess, test, and strengthen security and compliance holistically given the complementary nature of security and compliance. When you are choosing the service provider, you should ask how they approach compliance management and what their expertise and capabilities are for addressing the compliance concerns that matter to your business.

Balancing Security And Productivity

When the pandemic hit, many companies were challenged with keeping users and systems secure that’s what forced them to implement remote working almost overnight. An MSSP can play an important role in this area and assist you in achieving the best balance of productivity, efficiency, compliance, and security. It must require industry and business expertise, and diligent relationship-building and fact-finding with clients, for an MSSP to enable companies to get this right across their internal users, customers, and partners.

Aligning Cyber Insurance and Security Practices

To mitigate the costs of ransomware attacks, phishing, theft, and other crimes more and more organizations are considering or already covered by cyber insurance. In some particular industry segments, trading partners and enterprise customers ordered that their vendors carry cyber risk or cyber liability insurance. We at Sennovate generally recommend cyber insurance. It can effectively safeguard companies from costly, reputation-damaging lawsuits and assist them in recovering the costs of data breach investigations and remedial efforts.

Cyber insurance firms provide not only financial damage protection but more than that. Many of them are helping their customers in better understanding their risks and implementing strong data protection measures. Others are executing specific security protocols when new customers apply for coverage or current customers renew it. You should discuss these insurance concerns with your MSSP. Your MSSP can align your cyber insurance and security practices. Often, a fully managed security engagement will be the most important way to make sure that the security policies and measures insurers ask for, and their needs may also have a bearing on detailed aspects of managed security.

Data Protection Expert

To protect an organization’s data, MSSP should be aware of an organization’s sensitive and important data. They can protect data from both insider and outsider threats. Small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources of a strong security team are typically victims of a data breach. A good MSSP will have the infrastructure to handle a high volume of threats. For better results, MSSP customizes its service based on the organization’s software, industry, and business.

How MSSP Takes Your Business To The Next Level?

For many companies, engaging with an MSSP may be the initial time they resource and approach security concerns significantly. The MSSP team will work with you to fight security problems depending on their risk potential after remitting immediate or urgent problems.

Each company’s track to cybersecurity will be unique taking into consideration the data sources, data types, applications, data center setup, user groups, customer and partner needs for application access, and so many other conditions.

In 2022, MSSP is your perfect partner to take your business on the right track for the digital future. The right MSSP can assist you to take the best route. The MSSP can get to work without a conflict of interest if lacking security awareness, insufficient practices or even disgruntled employees are a concern. Instead of struggling with security issues, IT can follow expert MSSP guidance and free up time to drive transformational, strategic initiatives for the business. This is how MSSP takes your business to the next level.

Why Do You Need an MSSP Partner Like Sennovate?

24×7 support

At Sennovate, we assure you to support you 24/7. Partnering with us your business is supported by dedicated security experts who are familiar with a diversified security landscape, and who understand the latest trends and will help you to reduce the overhead expenses. When a cyberattack occurs, having a provider gives you unmatched experience in crisis handling with the ability to quickly assess and recommend specific actions to prevent further damage.

Integrations and Set up in 24 hours

In 24 hours, you will enjoy the integrations and setup. A quality MSSP like Sennovate has the skills, knowledge, partners, and experts to perform the task effectively and with high quality that to integrate and set up in 24 hours. You can even enjoy the best solutions and deals from our various partners like Gluu, Beyond Trust, Okta, Ping Identity, ForgeRock, and much more. Want to read about our MSSP Partners? Click here.

Vulnerability Assessment

Receive effective guidance when it comes to assessing your organization’s cyber security posture, starting with identifying vulnerabilities that cybercriminals use to access your systems, data, and networks. With a cyber security partner like Sennovate, a comprehensive cyber risk assessment and internal audit is performed across your network, resulting in an action plan that addresses the key areas of risk.

Reduced Regulatory Risks

GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA are just some data regulations every business must now comply with. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines, in addition to the damages caused by a data breach. With us, your organization can stay compliant, by upgrading infrastructures to meet the required standards.

Summing Up

With the increasing numbers and sophistication of cyber attacks, your business needs a more proactive approach to cyber security management. But the ability to rapidly identify and prevent cyber threats comes at a great cost when attempting to do this in-house. For many organizations, this is where partnering with a cyber security provider comes into play, enabling the business to remain one step ahead of rapidly changing threats in an ever-evolving workplace.

If you believe it’s time to evaluate how managed and cybersecurity services are, Sennovate could help you in your business, then we should talk. Sennovate will help you to solve all your security needs and offer a strategic arm to your organization.

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