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Privileged Access Management (PAM) Is A High Priority in Cyber Security

Most often, data breaches are the result of compromised endpoints as well as privileged credentials. Due to this, it becomes crucial to monitor and protect the privileged accounts. To protect the important data, it is necessary that solutions be in place so that they secure endpoints and privileged credentials both. Implementing a PAM solution can assist in making the organization rightly monitor and protect the whole network and provide insight into which users have access to what data.

But what is PAM? What is a privileged account? How does a PAM solution improve the cybersecurity of a company? Why should PAM be your priority, and when? What well-known PAM solutions are there on the market? Also, how do Sennovate’s PAM services help you? Ugh! So many questions? No worries! This blog is all about privileged access management (PAM). At the end of this blog, you will get the answer to all your questions.

So, let’s get started!

What Is PAM?

The mixture of tools as well as technology that are meant to secure, control, and monitor access to an organization’s sensitive information and resources is Privileged Access Management (PAM). There are multiple sub categories of PAM, such as shared access password management, privileged session management, vendor privileged access management (VPAM), and application access management.

It is important to implement Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to provide security to the user accounts as well as manage the accounts having privileges to pre-eminent resources of the organizations.

In short, Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a process that uses technology to supervise, manage, and secure privileged accounts.

What is a Privileged Account?

Privileged accounts provide complete access to privileged users to maintain their IT infrastructure. These accounts allow internal as well as external employees to manage the operating systems, network devices, applications, industrial control systems, and IoT devices. In a few of the situations, this unrestricted access empowers users to cover up any modifications or changes they made to the software, which is a very useful trick for cybercriminals.

Controlling privileged access creates resilience against other causes of disruption, reduces the potential attack surface, and minimizes the impact of a breach. It even protects from other disruption causes such as insider threats, misconfigured automation and accidental operator error in production environments.

Why is Privileged Access Management (PAM) a high Priority in Cyber Security?

It Is More Than Security

One of the most important reasons that Privileged Access Management is the most important priority for organizations is that it saves them time as well as money along with providing the best security. Both time and money can go back into their cyber security efforts and it allows the CISO to get more done with the same budget. Cyber security solutions only reduce risk, so most organizations spend a valuable budget on security solutions that typically add no additional business value; this is where PAM plays an important role.

It is a Fast Track To Compliance

Almost all the organizations from small to large have to comply with industry and government regulations. To comply with these regulations it’s often not an easy task for the CISO to know where to start. Whether it’s PCI, ISO 27002, EU GDPR, Cyber Essentials or the NIST Framework, all of these have strong security control recommendations for access controls. This is where Privileged Access Management (PAM) can help them get ahead quickly as well as develop a strong baseline.

It Helps You Recover Quickly From Cyber Attacks

Your Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution allows you to audit your privileged accounts easily and quickly whenever any cyber-attack takes place. PAM will work immediately to discover whether any passwords have been changed, and determine which applications have been executed. It is also a good idea to take a snapshot of the audit logs. You may have already prepared privileged accounts that are used explicitly for Incidents and enable them to be used by the technical and security team to quickly access systems.

Helps in Securing Passwords

A privileged account needs to have a high level of security as it is a door to a company’s valuable assets. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects the login attributes of privileged accounts. The admin or user’s identity verifies to authenticate more than one independent credential. Adding layers of security to the credentials in the form of OTP, biometrics, response questions, etc., make it highly difficult for hackers to access the data.

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Benefits of PAM

  • From a central location, manage and secure all access
  • Quick deployment with less operational interruption
  • Modify the existing security solutions allowing you to leverage all the capabilities
  • Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology throughout your Bastions supports advanced research and search
  • Meet up with compliance regulations easily
  • With human control, upgrade incident response with the help of automatic response and mitigation
  • Monitor, audit, and completely control privileges
  • Stop the insider attacks, privileged account escalation, and third-party access issues
  • Enhance security
  • Diminish risk exposure
  • Review alerts in real-time

What Does A PAM Solution Offer For The Cyber Security Of A Company?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is comes up with the multiple cyber security strategies as well as technologies for exercising control over the privileged access and permissions for users, accounts, processes, and systems across an IT environment. To curtail the organization’s attack surface as well as to ward off or at least reduce the damage raising from the outside attacks as well as from insider misconduct or negligence by dialing in the proper level of privileged access control, Privileged Access Management (PAM) can help.

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Summing Up

There are various well-known PAM solutions available in the market such as BeyondTrust, CyberArk, Centrify and others. Hope this blog helps you to understand what PAM is and how it will help your organization. If you want to prevent your organization from any cyber attacks, you should give PAM solutions a try!

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