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What are Workforce Identities? | Workforce Identity and Access Management

You have to protect your digital users, assets, and data whether you’re solving password challenges, provisioning new employees, connecting remote workers, or adding cloud IAM capabilities to existing on-prem infrastructure. Workforce IAM helps in this regard. It is a constantly shifting balancing act between frictionless access and security.It even boosts productivity and takes a zero-trust approach to security.

You can focus on your core priorities, such as cutting costs and doing more for your customers, as Workforce Identity Cloud provides easy and secure access for your workforce. You can even manage access to applications for employees, contractors, and an increasingly remote workforce with the help of workforce IAM.

Workforce Identity Access Management (WIAM) enables you to easily design and execute secure user journeys that can change in response to changing circumstances, as well as create a standards-based, extensible framework, to seamlessly integrate new technologies.

But you must be wondering: what are the identities of the workforce? What are its benefits? Why should you choose IAM for your workforce? What are its features? This blog has the answers to all your questions. So, be with us and get the answers to all your questions.

Let’s dig in!

What is Workforce IAM?

An identity and access management (IAM) solution that is used to provide capabilities to employees and other internal users of organizations like partners to secure access to the resources of organizations is called workforce identity and access management (or employee IAM). Businesses can become more agile, protect themselves from data breaches, and comply with privacy regulations with the help of Workforce IAM products.

An ideal Workforce IAM solution should include the ability to ensure a secure and frictionless experience to encourage users to be productive with their routine activities. According to the markets and markets, in 2023, businesses will be spending $30 billion on IAM.

Features of Workforce Identities

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is something your IT, security, and users will love. It provides best-in-class security. Empower your in-office employees, remote workforce, and contractors with a single identity to connect with all applications securely through SSO. You are able to diminish poor credential management as well as employee credential fatigue. Apart from this, you can even reduce the number of user identities IT needs to manage.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Delight your customers as well as workforce by providing secure, and intelligent access. Increase your login security with password policy enforcement, or introduce a passwordless or biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) experience. Seamlessly activate user-friendly MFA methods such as TOTP.


Allow passwordless authentication for your workforce with the help of Fastpass.

Self-Service Credential Management

Allow users to perform self-management of their credential access and password resets by removing credential management overhead from the IT support desk.

Lifecycle Management

With easy-to-implement automation, manage provisioning like a pro.

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Benefits of Workforce IAM

Centralize Access

Workforce Identity & Access Management (IAM) provides a centralized access for cloud apps and on-premises systems and apps. Centralized access policies enable SSO & MFA across all connected applications which increases the security.

Enable Secure Access

It enables secure access with the help of a context and behavioral-aware approach including risk-based adaptive access controls. It empowers users with quick access that provides a seamless experience by strengthening authentication and authorization capabilities. Secure and manage connective APIs, whether to the cloud, SaaS, web services, microservices, or IoT.

Protect Against Breaches

Without even sacrificing security, you can extend access to a global, remote workforce with the help of workforce IAM as it protects against any breaches. To make sure that only the right users can access the right resources, you can enable multiple layers of authentication (MFA).

Increased Productivity

It increases productivity of the workforce by increasing application usage with frictionless login between apps. Self-service credential management diminishes the burden on IT to manage credentials as well as password resets.

Monitor Privileged Users

It reduces the risk of security incidents by delivering adaptive and frictionless privilege management capabilities. To administer access with unrivaled privilege granularity, you can use our WIAM model. Increase security along with preserving a positive user experience with non-intrusive privileged session monitoring.

Why To Choose Workforce IAM?


With Single Sign-on or passwordless authentication, you can increase user agility. Apart from this, with multi factor authentication (MFA), you can Re-Authenticate remote workers.


You can integrate applications both on-prem as well as in the cloud with security technologies. With seamless transitions, you can reduce disruption to legacy systems and business applications.


With the help of lifecycle management, automate provisioning and deprovisioning of user profiles to applications. It empowers users with self-service options to request access, reset and manage passwords.


To establish risk-based authentication policies, deliver adaptive access with AI as well as machine learning for context and deeper insights. Uncover deviations in entitlements, and correlate behavior between user sessions.

Built on Identity Standards

It supports various identity standards for instance OpenID Connect and SAML. This makes it easy to connect any standards-based application.

How do we offer WIAM?

To protect and improve the productivity of your internal users as well as employees, we at Sennovate offer capabilities such as SSO, identity federation, and strong and adaptive authentication. For a powerful foundation to bridge all the apps and identity source, our WIAM Identity Server is also backed by a comprehensive integration platform, including API management and analytics.

WIAM is a highly extensible open source IAM solution for CIAM. Our connector store offers a wide variety of extension points to extend the product’s functionality and enables seamless integration.

Wrapping Up

Your company will run seamlessly regardless of whether employees are working remotely or from a secured environment if their access experience is as frictionless as possible. With a comprehensive Workforce IAM, enable an efficient, work-from-anywhere workforce that provides easy access to your digital services as well as delivers security, scalability, and reliability.

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