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The MSSP Guide to Gluu

In this competitive world, one thing which all businesses need is a highly secured Identity & Access Management. There are always the chances of cyber attacks and threats, especially to the IT businesses. Gluu is the open-source Identity & Access Management software that helps businesses to remain safe from cyber-attacks and threats.

It is the modern authentication for the digital enterprise. We understand how important it is for businesses to keep their business data secure from threats. That’s why we are here to guide you!

Want to know what a Gluu server is? What are its benefits and uses? How does it help you to secure your data? If yes, you are on the platform. In this guide, we will explain everything about the Gluu server.

Let’s dig in!


What Is Gluu Server?

Gluu Server is open-source software for Identity & Access Management by the US developer Gluu. Gluu server offers an open-source platform to help companies monitor access to their resources and those within a partner network. It is based on protocols like SAML, OpenID Connect, and OAuth2.

It even offers single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Single sign-on (SSO) for all applications significantly improves the user experience even beyond the limitations of the aforementioned protocols. Almost any given application can be connected with this. Therefore, Gluu Server is a flexible access management software that can increase data security and reduce costs in the long run.

Since 2009, businesses around the world have trusted Gluu Server for large-scale, high-security Identity & Access management.


What Are The Features Of the Gluu Server?

Gluu Server offers a variety of features as follows:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Gluu Identity & Access Management Server provides secure single sign-on via OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SAML, and CAS for both Web and mobile applications.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Gluu Authentication software supports a large number of 2FA mechanisms to increase the security of sensitive applications. In combination with the already integrated Casa, one can set up a self-service portal, manage tokens, and more. Apart from this, Gluu Server comes with an authentication flow to very easily connect privacyIDEA.
  • Social-Login and external authentication: With the help of the Gluu portal, users can register and log in via Google, Facebook, GitHub, etc. This solution is very versatile and can even be used for external authentication via enterprise SSO, such as ADFS.
  • Access management: with Gluu Server, access to various resources can be centrally managed.
  • Identity management APIs: Gluu Server uses standard compliant SCIMv2 APIs for provisioning and de-provisioning of users. Thus, Gluu Server can be seamlessly connected to identity management systems. Apart from this, users can also be conveniently managed directly in Gluu via an administration interface.
  • Directory integration: With the Gluu open source identity and access management it is possible to connect an existing Active Directory or an LDAP directory service.


The Operations of the Gluu Server can also be extended with additional optional Gluu applications:


  • Super Gluu: Super Gluu is a mobile app for two-factor authentication where the second factor is sent to a mobile device as a push notification.
  • Casa: In this users can set up and maintain their second factor, can link accounts, and edit their data. It is the 2FA management and self-service portal by Gluu.
  • Gateway: Gateway is a collection of few plugins, which enable individualized access management policy enforcement. This makes it possible for API endpoints to be protected with OAuth2/OIDC even though the applications behind the endpoints themselves do not support the protocol


Benefits Of Gluu Server

  • Flexibility: The key benefit of Gluu Server is that it offers extreme flexibility. You can do anything you require like connect legacy data sources, create special audit logs, implement advanced authentication workflows, interact with end-users to get consent, and others with the Gluu Server. That also quickly.
  • Seamless CyberSecurity: Gluu Authentication is like a lock on the door of threats and cyber-attacks. With less cost, you can save your data from hackers. You can stop the hackers with these advanced adaptive authentication techniques.
  • Improve User Experience: We are all working to impress our users, so it is of utmost importance to improve the users’ experience. You can authenticate like a consumer giant without having to reinvent the wheel with your branding and in your language with the help of the Gluu Server.


What Is The Pricing Of the Gluu Server?

At Sennovate, we offer the Gluu Server at the best in class industry pricing. The average annual cost of a Gluu Server for 1000 employees(approx) will be $ 240,000. The annual ROI for enterprise Gluu will be $ 2,666,250. You can even calculate the pricing according to your needs and requirements. Click here to calculate!


Wrapping Up

Hope this guide helps you to understand what Gluu Server is and how it will help your business. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, it offers even more benefits like it is cloud-native, helps you scale up your resources according to your needs and requirements, and much more. If you are worried about your business data’s security, you should give Gluu Server a try!


Why Choose Sennovate’s Gluu Server?

We at Sennovate implement and support all the suites and applications of the Gluu Server. For example, Sennovate Gluu IAM suites and applications include,

  • Single Sign-On
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Access Management
  • Identity Management APIs
  • Directory Integration
  • Fast Deployment


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