Do I Need thycotic Privileged Behaviour Analytics

Do I Need Thycotic Privileged Behavior Analytics?

Wouldn’t it be good to ignore the “clutter” around privileged accounts and be informed immediately when there are signs of misuse of privileged accounts? According to Forrester, 80 percent of infringements are likely to include Privileged Accounts. If you don’t have a system in place, a stolen credential can never be detected by your organisation.

The technological infrastructure of the Organization has only become more complex in response to the many security threats that have emerged over the years. This ambiguity can make it difficult for security teams to find where the vulnerabilities are that leave their company vulnerable to insider threats or external actors.

Unfortunately, the standard methods of using security software to identify and counter this challenge are falling short. However, Thycotic’s user behaviour analysis has been designed to address this particular issue and is proving to be highly successful.

“Privileged Behavior Analytics saves admins the hours of manual labor that would be required to sort through thousands of logs to find evidence of unusual behavior, at which point attackers are generally long gone.”

How Thycotic Can Help?

The Thycotic Privileged Behavior Analytics (PBA) software tracks user activity inside the Secret Server to detect abnormal behaviour. Once the user’s baseline activity has been calculated, deviations from that behaviour will cause notifications or warnings to inform security administrators. Machine learning software considers time of day, IP address, user background, Secret significance, and other variables to decide the user’s risk ranking. Behavior that would go unnoticed by human managers for weeks can be identified instantly.

When you combine the protection power of Secret Server with the intelligent and analytical Privilege Behavior Analytics solution, you maximise your investment in Secret Server and gain new insight over your infrastructure. This will place your company in a position of trust in the holistic protection of your environment.

Benefits of Thycotic’s Privileged Behavior Analytics

  • Detect Security Breaches early
  • Quickly see the distribution of privileges across your organization
  • behavioural pattern recognition
  • user and entity behaviour.

There are three ways how Thycotic’s Privileged Behavior Analytics can help in your organization:

Identification of compromised service accounts:

Your service accounts are under constant attack from cyber criminals who want to hack your network. Many of these accounts are not sufficiently supervised, but may have high access rights for your operating systems and different applications to conduct such activities as automated background tasks. The activities of these accounts must be monitored to ensure that they do not have access to networks that they are not allowed to access or, worse, to send your sensitive data to unauthorised recipients.

Detection of privileged account abuse:

Your privileged accounts are the primary targets. It is therefore imperative that you track the use of these accounts for suspicious actions. Automated, remote or simultaneous access can be a telling predictor of an insider’s danger. Logging at odd hours, accessing unauthorised accounts and networks, and unsanctioned data transfers should all raise red flags.

Discover shared credentials:

Unfortunately, it is a reality that users share their passwords with others, even though they are in breach of your policy. Using Thycotic’s Privileged Behavior Analytics to check for overlapping, remote, or irregular use of user accounts can help you discover and deal with infringements of credential sharing.


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