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Best IAM solutions for Enterprise

According to The Economist, “Data is the most valuable resource, leaving behind the oil”. The motivation for most of the data-breach incidents can be well understood by this fact. While many factors are responsible for data breach incidents, lack of efficient identity management solutions, have proved to be one of the foremost causes of data-breach incidents. According to Verizon’s report, 58% of the total data breach in health-care is due to insider threats. Looking at these scenarios, it’s time to rethink your Identity Management techniques to prevent data-breach incidents.

Taking into account, large workforce and huge customer base, SSO (Single sign-on) and MFA solutions alone are not sufficient for large enterprises. Large enterprises are under continuous threat of data-breaches. Having said this, they require security solutions and some of the most complex IAM solutions that can continuously monitor and detect suspicious activity and provide a necessary alert to staff and can even block those accounts.

Let us classify IAM solutions

IAM solutions are mainly categorized as follows:

On-prem solutions increase the overhead of maintenance on IT departments but give more flexibility to managers and admins. However, cloud-based solutions are more reliable and resilient compared to on-prem ones. Any organization, planning to implement IAM solutions for the first time, must go with some of the best cloud-based IAM solutions.

Now that we got a brief idea about the significance of IAM solutions and their classification, let us have a glimpse of some of the best IAM solutions out there:


IBM solutions are ideal for large enterprises. IBM solution is mainly famous for its security analytics feature and other features like performance metrics, backup for disaster recovery, a dashboard for analyzing cluster status, external middleware components such as database server and directory server, and few other features to list. 


Okta is one of the leaders in Identity and Access Management. Okta is lightweight yet scalable which is suitable for an organization of all sizes. This solution provides a complete package including some of the foremost features like lifecycle management, Single Sign-on, API access management, Universal directory, Adaptive multifactor authentication, and the list goes on.

idaptive by CyberArk

Idaptive is best for the organization that is looking for a zero-trust solution approach. idaptive provides identity management and security for both applications and endpoints. idaptive is also reliable for all different sized organizations.


OneLogin is suitable for most of the organization regardless of their customer and employee base. The solution includes an inventory of a large number of pre-integrated applications and is quite famous for features such as user provisioning, and other general features such as Single Sign-on, MFA, and many others in the list


Saviynt provides both on-prem and cloud-based solutions. Saviynt has always been praised for the ease of deployment by its customers. 


Oracle is well suited for large enterprises requiring complex IGA solutions. This solution envelops all the requirements including identity access and lifecycle, reporting analytics, and workflow management. 


Sailpoint also suits well to large organizations, which are looking for complete and comprehensive Identity and access management solutions. SailPoint is known for its innovations. This solution provides 360-degree access and visibility over the risk points. Sailpoint is a flexible and scalable solution that helps reduce insider threats and helps in increasing productivity.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft’s Identity manager is an ideal choice for organizations who are already familiar and comfortable with Microsoft Azure. If you are not looking for a complex IGA solution, you can try your hands on this one.

These were some of the most popular and trusted IAM solutions. There are many providers out there. You can ask our experts at Sennovate and find out which solution may be the ideal choice for your organization.

Implementing IAM solution with sennovate 

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