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SME Usecase

As SME sectors being the backbone of the US economy, with 99 percent of the enterprises being an SME sector, there is a huge sector which needs to be catered for by IAM. While SMEs as well have Cyber security and Identity management issues like any other large enterprise, they are mostly overlooked by them mostly because they don’t have enough resources and staff to look after them, and thus it leads to the point where it costs them more money than expected.

With the Pandemic coming in place remote working leading to more risk aversive scenario as people working
from corners of the world and moreover from their personal devices which are not always compliant with
security leading to higher chances of cyberattacks causing major problems.

As per reports, 85% of the SMBs have no or only one staff member for IT security out of which 36% having none.
This leading to major concern as, 48% of SMEs have reported more than one incident as such in the year 2020,
and it is expected to grow significantly. Out of this there are 23% chances for them to get out of business due
to anyone of the incident.

Learn everything about the SME sector as a whole and learn how you IAM can help you stay ahead of the market when it comes to cybersecurity as a whole!

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