Data Security Insights 2020

The past decade has seen some astounding advancements in almost every field and the security industry is not an exception. In this episode of Secure Insights, Senthil Palaniappan shares some interesting views on what can be expected in the IAM industry, and how the other domains can help to propel it. He also talks about how the industry can exploit this field to improve themselves. You can find in this podcast,

  • The emergence of cloud computing and cognitive devices.
  • Data collection and how it makes our lives easier through AI and ML.

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Senthil Palaniappan

Founder & CEO

Senthil Palaniappan is the Founder and CEO of Sennovate, a global Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that specializes in Identity and Access Management (IAM). He has over 25 years of industry experience and is an expert in IAM, SOC, Application Infrastructure, and Integration. He has years of experience consulting with various top Fortune companies including Sun microsystem, Oracle, IBM, EMC, Dell, GM, and Sprint. Senthil completed his MBA from Keller School of Management in Chicago.


Deepak Kambam

Communication Specialist

Technology journalist with 15 years of industry experience. As a technology journalist, he have been contributing tech articles to leading newspapers and tech magazines. He had the rare distinction of conducting technical interviews with leading industry names like James Gosling (inventor of JAVA), Head of Microsoft.Net India, CEO Mindtree.