Need for Cloud Migration & Identity-Centric Security in the Pandemic

Need for Cloud Migration & Identity-Centric Security in the Pandemic

Not even a single business has been spared out from the clench of the covid-19 disaster. Every operational method right from hiring workforce to delivering projects, implementing mass layoffs has become quite hard to manage. But thanks to reliable technologies like the cloud, which has helped many businesses flourish without compromising their client’s requirements.


According to 50% of the UK business leaders, shifting their business model to cloud-computing-based processes has saved their company from total collapse during this covid-19 pandemic. It came out that many small to medium-sized businesses faced serious IT security issues and were about to go completely remote. Even remotely quarantined working officials experienced a surge in phishing attacks, leading to a huge loss of data.


In order to get rid of these IT security concerns, Many businesses turned towards adopting the public cloud. Most agile companies today are ramping up their cloud usage to increase resilience and agility in their businesses.


What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration simply means migration or moving of data, applications, and other business elements to a cloud-computing environment. The cloud migration aims to enhance remote- businesses to operate successfully. They are also helping businesses save their big-time data from exploitations from cyber criminals along with increasing operational efficiency.


Cloud automated technology delivers cross-platform and cross-cloud solution capabilities which have helped the remote workers continue working confidently and efficiently.


The new architecture of cloud migration

The sudden scramble of offices and starting of remote work created challenges around traditional support desks and admin processes. Managing both employees and external workers, sticking to deadlines proved to be quite tricky for organisations. In the initial days, many such companies witnessed a sudden drop in their productivity charts and struggled with implementing automated workflows into the system.


Well, today the same organizations are in a better place than where they started by implementing cloud-migration techniques into their digital workspace by removing traditional gaps through training their employees.


When governments across the globe started implementing lockdowns in early 2020, the organizations had to shift towards automation immediately. According to PwC reports 80% of the businesses that were already on cloud-based services benefited within no time. But other businesses lost time, efforts, money-making transitions from traditional to automated technology. Cloud is an imperative now, not a matter of choice anymore.


How covid-19 is changing the Application cloud migration scenario?

Cloud is no longer an unknown subject to us. Its scalability, on-demand flexibility and awesome cost-cutting benefits make it a new normal. Cloud has emerged as an effective method facilitating overall business processes. The cloud migration application is no longer limited to lift and shift but benefits businesses with low costs and reuse their legacy applications optimally on the cloud.


During these challenging times of covid-19 when there needs to be a proper balance between the reliability, security, operational costs and speed of the businesses the cloud automation tools come to the rescue. Cloud automated technology has made it as easy as possible especially for remote workers.


Things companies should keep in mind before the cloud-migrating process:

Cloud migration helped businesses to only boost their digital forefronts but also has provided them with security and cost-cutting efficiencies. And again cloud migration depends on the scalability and scope of the respective businesses. It takes proper training and time to successfully transition to a cloud-based business.


As businesses are coming to a realization that remote working systems are going to be in place for a long time. It’s recommended to use an effective and long-term application-led strategy for cloud migration processes. We’re in unprecedented times where we cannot expect how tomorrow is going to be, that’s why we should be prepared for the unknown.


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