Identity Management Day

Identity Management Day  is an online awareness event that aims to educate people about the perils of storing their digital identities, by raising awareness, sharing expert advice, with the support of various vendors that deal in the security and identity management space. You can participate in this event as a consumer or an organization.

Understanding the importance of protecting online accounts from hackers, the  Identity Defined Security Alliance  and National Security Alliance  have designated April 13th, 2021, as the “Identity Management Day.” The prime objective of this digital event is about the problems that can occur with improper identity management. This event aims to provide consumers and organizations with the best practices in the space of identity security and management.

Join the Identity Management Day 2021 Live Webcast on April 13th, 2021, 9am PT/12pm ET


For organizations, Identity and Access Management (IAM) “is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons,” according to Gartner. .

We at Sennovate are partnering with IDSA to promote Identity Management Day as a way to bring attention and awareness to the Identity and access management issues organizations and individuals alike are struggling with.

To Summarize ,one size does not fit all Hence, Sennovate pays keen attention to their customer’s infrastructure and provides customized service. Sennovate delivers custom identity and access management solutions to businesses around the globe. Sennovate ensures to provide a seamless experience with integration across all cloud applications, and a single price for product, implementation, and support. Have questions? The consultation is always free. Email [email protected] or call us at: (925) 918-6618