How Sennovate and Stellar Cyber are Automating Threat Detection and Response?

How Sennovate and Stellar Cyber are Automating Threat Detection and Response?

For today’s modern organizations, responding rapidly to cyber threats is more important than ever. According to the report, in 2022, 72% of Australian businesses experienced a cyber incident – much higher than the average 59% across the Australasian region. It is of utmost importance to ensure that your organization can detect as well as respond to threats before they do serious damage to your organization’s sensitive data.

Automating threat response allows organizations to respond to threats quickly as well as efficiently, reducing the time and resources needed to manually detect, analyze, and mitigate threats. Along with this, it even improves the accuracy of threat detection and response, ensuring that threats are identified and addressed quickly and correctly.

You must be wondering why it is important to automate threat detection and response? How Sennovate and Stellar Cyber automating the threat detection and response? What are its benefits? No worries! This blog has answers to all your questions as this blog is all about how Sennovate and Stellar Cyber are automating threat detection and response.

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The Significance of Threat Detection And Response Automation

We are living in a modern world where threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. In threat detection and response, automation is playing an increasingly vital role as it helps to identify patterns in vast amounts of data that are too complex for humans to detect.

Automation helps to identify patterns in data much faster than humans can, and in many cases, it can detect threats that humans would not be able to identify. It also helps to reduce the risk of human error, as it is not affected by human emotions, biases, or fatigue.

When it comes to improving the cyber risk landscape, automation is an important tool and its importance is only going to grow in the future.

How Sennovate and Stellar Cyber Are Automating Threat Response and Detection

Data Collection and Analysis

Sennovate and Stellar Cyber, like many other advanced cybersecurity platforms, collect data from various sources within an organization’s network, including logs, packets, and endpoint data. This data is then analyzed in real-time or near real-time to identify potential threats.

Machine Learning and AI

Stellar Cyber likely uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to process and analyze the collected data. These algorithms can identify patterns and anomalies that may indicate a security threat. Over time, the AI models become more accurate as they learn from new data.

Threat Detection

Automated threat detection techniques are used to identify suspicious activities or behaviors within the network. This includes identifying known malware signatures, detecting unusual access patterns, and monitoring for unusual outbound network traffic.

Incident Prioritization

Once a potential threat is detected, the system assigns a risk score or severity level to the threat based on its analysis. This helps prioritize which threats require immediate attention and which can be investigated later.

Alerts and Notifications

Cyber security teams are alerted to potential threats through automated alerts and notifications. These alerts can be sent via email, SMS, or integrated with other incident management tools.

Automated Response

Stellar Cyber and Sennovate can automate certain response actions for known threats or low-level incidents. This may include isolating affected devices, blocking malicious IP addresses, or quarantining compromised systems.

Forensics and Investigation

Sennovate’s SOC and Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform provide tools for security analysts to conduct in-depth investigations into security incidents. This includes access to historical data, network packet captures, and other forensic information.

Continuous Improvement

AI-driven cybersecurity platforms continually learn and adapt to evolving threats. They analyze historical data to improve threat detection accuracy and refine response strategies over time.

Faster Response Times

Automation allows for immediate response to threats without the need for human intervention. This speed is crucial when dealing with rapidly evolving threats like malware and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Reduced Human Error

Human operators can make mistakes or overlook critical security events. Automation can help eliminate errors by consistently following predefined response procedures and accurately analyzing large volumes of data.


As organizations grow and their digital footprint expands, it becomes increasingly challenging to manually manage security. Automated threat detection and response systems can scale to handle large volumes of data and traffic without a corresponding increase in human resources.

24/7 Monitoring

Cyber threats can occur at any time, including outside regular working hours. Sennovate and Stellar Cyber can provide continuous monitoring and response, ensuring that threats are addressed promptly, even when staff is not available.

Why Sennovate and Stellar Cyber Are a Powerful Combination for Organizations?

Sennovate takes pride in offering best-in-class Security Operations Center(SOC) solutions and services. On the other hand, Stellar Cyber is a leading Open XDR platform delivering Detection and Response. To increase the benefits for the organization Sennovate SOC offerings and Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform are considered as a powerful combination for organizations. It provides purpose-driven solutions that prevent, detect, and respond to continuously evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

It delivers an easy-to-use Open XDR platform built to meet the needs of lean security teams, providing security functionality anyone can use.

What Is SOC?

Sennovate SOC goes beyond Extended detection and response (XDR) with AI-based incident analysis augmented by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence and extended threat visibility, both inside and outside your organization. It enables faster as well as more in-depth investigations by providing easy access to exclusive threat intelligence and hunting tools. It is a modern platform that accelerates and improves the effectiveness of threat detection, hunting, investigation, triaging, case management, and remediation.

Benefits Of SOC

  • Incident Response
  • Threat Detection and Prevention
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Improved Incident Investigation
  • Enhanced Threat Intelligence
  • Customized Security Solutions
  • Cost Savings
  • Risk Mitigation

What Is an Open XDR Platform?

Open XDR Platform, powered by Stellar Cyber is a next-gen hybrid, unified, powerful, AI-driven Detection and Response platform, that collects and correlates between all your existing security tools. It is perfect for enterprises to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Our platform is designed to provide security expertise, advanced data analysis, threat intelligence, agility, efficiency, and automation.

Benefits of Open XDR Platform

  • An Open XDR platform that unifies capabilities of Detection and Response
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Advanced Data Analysis
  • Improve MTTD(Mean Time to Detect) by >8x
  • 100+ Integrations and growing
  • Coverage across the Entire Infrastructure
  • Security Analytics (i.e., collective analysis of product data)
  • Simplified Visualization of Complex Attacks
  • Global Threat Intelligence Reports
  • Improve MTTR(Mean Time to Respond) by >20x.
  • Central Management and Reporting
  • Extensible and Open Architecture
  • Automated Response Capabilities
  • Open API Capabilities
  • Hybrid Cloud-Hosted Platform​
  • Machine Learning based Intrusion Detection System (IDS)​ ​
  • Virus and Phishing Detection​
  • Lateral Movement Detection​
  • User behavior analytics (UBA)
  • Risk Scoring​ & Asset Analytics
  • Automated Threat Hunting​ & Threat Intelligence
  • Server Agents for File Integrity Monitoring​
  • Zero-Day File Sandboxing​
  • Continuous Security Monitoring​
  • Customized Automated Alerting​
  • 90-Day Log Retention options​ with 1 Year Cold Storage
  • Executive Dashboard​
  • Standard & Advanced Reporting

Wrapping Up

Automate, Simplify, and Unify Threat Detection and Response With Sennovate and Stellar Cyber

Sennovate and Stellar Cyber are indeed powerful partners for automating threat detection and response.A wide range of features and tools are offered by it to help organizations ensure that the threat will be detected and responded to at the earliest.

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