Sennovate Insights: Gartner Magic Quadrant in Access Management 2019

Technology providers are present worldwide, but to know who is the best among the vendors is a challenging task for analysts, and for organizations to choose, as each vendor offering will have some features same, some missing and some features added to their product offerings.

So how do we figure out who are the leaders and visionaries who are really competitive and exciting.  Well, the answer comes from major research firm Gartner which recently released its Magic Quadrant (MQ) report relating to Access Management, 2019, where in each vendor has been on varied metrics based on their vision, completeness, and execution ability.  The access management AM market revenue for the vendors covered in this Magic Quadrant was $1.4 billion at the end of last year.

In my opinion, to be a leader it takes added features which none of the others have it and those features will make a deep impact in the product space, whereas a visionary will be the one whose product line is bit futuristic ready.

It’s great to see Sennovate’s Partners like IDaptive, ForgeRock, OneLogin, Okta, Ping Identity making it to the Leaders & Visionaries in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant access management, 2019.

Idaptive with its exemplary features like SSO, MFA, user behavior analytics (UBA),   user   lifecycle   management   (LCM),   and   endpoint   management capabilities has made it into the Visionaries spot.

Another partner making its way into the top leadership quadrant. Yes, Okta which has been in the AM’s magic quadrant for three years in a row has been recognized as the vendor with highest ability to execute and completeness of vision this year.

Interestingly,  the report has made few exclusions were made to it like CIAM only vendors and also open source vendors were not included in the report.

There is plethora of vendors to provide the IT security solutions. Yet choosing the right one for your organization is the most vital part. Here Gartner’s MQ offers a great insight on the vendors, where you can choose the right service for your organization to have a secure network.

*Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Access Management, 12 August 2019, Michael Kelley, Abhyuday Data, Henrique Teixeira

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