Easy Steps for Amazon Simple Email Service(SES) Configuration

Published: 28 October 2019
Simple Email Service Configuration

Amazon now has a support for the Setting up Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface. The Amazon SES SMTP server will support all your existing email sending systems. The SMTP on your site is the best choice for ensuring high email deliverability.

In this post, we will share on how to AWS SES can be configured to send secure emails.

Create SMTP Auth User

1) Login into AWS console and go to Simple email service page.

AWS console
2) Click on SMTP settings in the left side panel.
3) Create a SMTP user
4) Download SMTP user credentials.
5) Kindly note the SMTP auth user credentials to update in JAVA code.

Set Permission to SMTP Auth User

1) Navigate to this URL,
2)Click on the Users as shown in the below image


SMTP Auth User
3) Update the permission fo SMTP auth user.

Sender email verification

Sender email verification

1) Add a mail sender address to verification.
2) Check your sender mail inbox.
3) Give the confirmation from received mail.
4) Check the verification status for this user.

Update SMTP credentials in Java Code

1) Go to the url
2) Please update following information

SMTP credentials

Send test Email

Finally, you can send the email using  AWS SES, and it’s done.

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