AI, BYOD & IAM –getting ready

May 6, 2019

Data breach is common and the number of organizations opting for IAM is on the rise always. The adaptability towards IAM has been around for a while.  With technology advancements in areas of AI, IoT, BYOD, biometrics, keystroke analysis, voice & speech recognition, facial recognition, location with date and time to determine end users access corporate systems – the shout for more innovative identity tools is need of the hour. 

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is increasing with many end users accessing corporate information from personal handhelds exposing to malicious apps and virus, cyber-attacks.  In the case if the device is broken lost or stolen, hackers get a hand on it, however security apps are developed to prevent this. Recent Forbes insights research indicates that empowering employees with BYOD saw users spend 17 percent less time on manual process, enabling them to collaborate better, and make decision faster and productive.

Internet of things (IoT) is now seen to move from homes to offices – the power of AI is seen with smart speakers, coffee machines, lighting add value to the workplace.  A PwC survey indicates 1-5 business will deploy AI in their business by 2020.  With AI emerging in IAM, many organizations will develop application in a way that AI address all the existing security threats. This rapid growth in IAM will help organization have a robust and secure network. 

It looks like many vendors like idaptive, centrify and few others are preparing to offer AI and IAM mix solutions it remains to be seen how the industry is quick to respond and adapt it in a big way.  AI IoT is the future no doubt, how identities is going to be managed without or lesser human interference is the challenge – an interesting space to watch out in future days

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