MDR-as-a-Service powered by EDR

Sennovate's MDR as a Service leverages an EDR platform, complemented by Sennovate+'s innovative service delivery, providing comprehensive MDR solutions for your endpoints.

Benefits of MDR as a Service powered by EDR

Proactive Threat Hunting

Leverage EDR’s AI-powered algorithms and behavior analysis to uncover lurking threats before they strike. 

Rapid Incident Response

Our 24/7 MDR team, empowered by EDR insights, takes immediate action to contain and neutralize threats, minimizing damage. 

Enhanced Threat Visibility

Gain granular insights into endpoint activity with EDR’s deep monitoring, allowing MDR analysts to make informed decisions. 

Automated Mitigation Strategies

Automate containment and remediation actions through EDR, saving time and minimizing disruption during incidents. 

Continuous Security Optimization

MDR analysts, guided by EDR data, recommend security improvements, patch vulnerabilities, and harden systems for long-term resilience. 

MDR as a Service

EDR Platform Essential Advance
Role based access control
Multi-tenant management
If Crowdstrike is chosen Essential Advance
Falcon Prevent – next-gen anti-virus
Falcon Insight Endpoint Detection and Response
Threat Graphs breach prevention for incident correlation
Data Retention 15 Days
If SentinelOne is chosen Essential Advance
Endpoint protection Platform (EPP)
Advanced EPP Controls (Device and firewall control, remote shell)
Endpoint prevention, detection, response and remediation
Extended detection and response (XDR)
Data Retention 14 Days
Process Essential Advance
Asset Discovery and On-boarding
24x7x365 Alert Monitoring by SOC Analysts
Incident Analysis & Response
Proactive Tuning
Monthly Status Reports
Monthly Security Posture Review Meetings
Compliance Management Advisory
Support Coverage 8 AM - 5 PM 24x7
Response Time (SLA) 2 Hours 1 Hour
DR Readiness Assessment
Security Operations Management
Security Advisory
Professional Services on-Demand Essential Advance
Bucket of Hours Call us Call us
Flexible Resource as a Service Call us Call us
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