How IAM Solutions Can Strengthen Your Company’s Security

How IAM Solutions Can Strengthen Your Company’s Security

We are living in a digital world where it becomes utmost necessary to focus on strengthening a company’s security. It is very important to have identity and access management (IAM) solutions in order to safeguard the sensitive data of your organization and pave the way for seamless processes, secure authorization, and faster digital transformation.

Identity and Access Management or Identity Access Management (IAM) is an important security function for companies of all sizes. IAM can assist in mitigating the risk of information breaches by managing access to systems and data. Apart from this, you can even safeguard your organization’s most valuable assets through IAM technologies. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is considered as core in any company for the latest security strategy based on zero trust. Because of this, the company can prioritize protecting its users, applications, systems as well as business. Apart from playing an important role in security controls as well as in threat detection, IAM is also key to a digital transformation strategy for the internal workforce as well as for customers, by enabling business processes and providing a modern immersive user experience.

You must be thinking what IAM is? How can it strengthen your company’s security? What are the different IAM Solutions? This blog has answers to all your questions as it is all about IAM.

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What is Identity Access Management (IAM)?

For the whole IT security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the important part that manages digital identities and user access to systems, resources, and data across the company. It is the security management system because of which it lowers down the identity-related access risks across the organization.

Nowadays, leading IAM solutions are available for both on-premises and cloud implementation.

For better security, you have to choose the best and right IAM partner for your company that will diminish risks, upgrade compliance, and better up efficiency across your company.

How Does IAM Play an Important Role in Strengthening Your Company’s Security?

Reduces Password Issues

IAM solutions are best to prevent issues related to passwords for e.g. managing passwords in Excel or on sticky notes as well as forgetting users’ login details apart from allowing easier sign-in processes.

Various password management features like frequent password updates, as well as strong authentication measures covering MFA, biometrics, or role-based access that help security admins, implement password best practices come with the IAM tools.

Enhanced Cyber Security

IAM solutions assist organizations in implementing proper security policies over all the systems, platforms, applications, and devices. To prevent the critical data of the organizations, it is necessary to have proper security policies. The reason for this is to make the process of identifying security violations, removing inappropriate access privileges, and revoking access whenever needed a lot easier.

In preventing potential insider attacks on sensitive data, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions assist businesses. As IAM solutions make sure that the employees only access the systems on the basis of their predefined role and cannot access systems without approval or a role change.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

For a strong data protection policy, IAM Solutions available in the market use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Multi-factor authentication (MFA) using SMS, token, smart card, or through any source added validation for system access and serves as a bridge between your data and attackers. In order to safeguard sensitive data as well as to avoid data breaches, for the modern enterprise, the need of transparent multi-factor authentication for critical applications and privileged identities is very important.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-on (SSO) is one of the biggest benefits of a good IAM implementation for both users and IT. It is an authentication scheme with the help of which a user can log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. A feature that delivers immediate productivity gains. Everyone should understand SSO and enjoy the benefits it provides.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Integration

IAM focuses on security during the time of login. On the other hand, CASBs look for security after the login. The hijacked accounts can be detected with the help of a CASB and an IAM solution to deactivate the compromised account. Many other types of security issues can be detected by CASBs.

Types Of IAM Solutions

Gluu IAM

Gluu is one of the leading open-source identity and access management (IAM) solutions. To safeguard your company from cyber-attacks as well as threats, Gluu is helpful. It is a modern authentication process for the digital enterprise.

Gluu server is successfully implemented by various businesses, universities as well as government agencies across the world. With easy deployment and administration, it combines best-of-breed open-source IAM software and supports robust enterprise requirements for uptime and availability. Click here to know more.

ForgeRock IAM

ForgeRock identity management holds prominence on security by defining password policies, integrating a workflow engine for profile updates, and logging every single user activity. Whether it’s for consumers, the workforce, or things, the entire identity life cycle is automated by delivering an exceptional user experience and increased productivity without adjusting security. Click here to know more.


IBM solutions are ideal for large enterprises. It is mainly famous for its security analytics feature and other features like performance metrics, backup for disaster recovery, a dashboard for analyzing cluster status, external middleware components such as a database server as well as a directory server, and a few other features to list.


Okta is one of the leaders in Identity and Access Management. It is lightweight yet scalable which is suitable for an organization of all sizes. This solution provides a complete package including some of the foremost features like lifecycle management, Single Sign-on, API access management, Universal directory, Adaptive multifactor authentication, and the list goes on.

idaptive by CyberArk

Idaptive is best for an organization that is looking for a zero-trust solution approach. idaptive provides identity management and security for both applications and endpoints. idaptive is also reliable for all different-sized organizations.

Bottom Line

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