Reasons to choose forgerock and a MSSP guide to forgerock

The MSSP guide to ForgeRock 

We live in a world with growingly interconnected world organizations that have millions of digital identities to manage for customers, the workforce, and things. There is a need for constant oversight so that they have the right level of access to an organization’s resources. As we keep moving forward, time identity management can become a cumbersome, risky, and costly process particularly for those organizations relying on spreadsheets and other manual methods to manage things. There is a need for comprehensive digital identity platforms to provide exceptional, secure digital experiences like ForgeRock identity management solutions.  


What is ForgeRock Identity and Access Management (IAM)? 

ForgeRock is a digital identity platform designed for any cloud environment that provides freedom to users to perform identity and access actions themselves. This solution improves user experience and increases productivity while delivering results without compromising on cybersecurity threats. This solution can bring down costs for an organization by giving the appropriate level of access to all systems and users at the right time, allowing users to retain control of their profile, password, and privacy settings.  

ForgeRock identity management holds emphasis on security by defining password policies, integrating a workflow engine for profile updates, and logging every single user activity. The entire identity life cycle is automated whether it’s for consumers, workforce, or things, delivering an exceptional user experience and increased productivity without compromising security. 


What are the products offered by ForgeRock? 

ForgeRock is a security vendor that provides digital identity management through its primary product, the  Identity Platform. The ForgeRock Identity Platform includes  

Access Management  

 Access Management is a single, unified solution that offers a comprehensive and flexible set of services available on the market for identity and access management (IAM) requirements. 

Identity Management  

 Identity Management (IDM) uses an approach that enables organizations to create new user or customer accounts, provision new application or system access, and deprovision user and customer accounts and supporting credentials from target applications and resources. It does so by fully automating the identity lifecycle management process. 

Directory Services  

Provides high-performance, high-availability, internet-scale identity store that can handle thousands of transactions per second. It is designed to overcome poor scalability and availability by accelerating time-to-market with offerings that deliver reliability to consumers and employees. 

Identity Gateway  

Identity Gateway streamlines IAM efforts and allows organizations to manage identity and security for web applications, APIs, and microservices with a single solution. This keeps the infrastructure agile and responsive in a constantly changing space and secures data and transactions. 


ForgeRock Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management 

According to the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant report, ForgeRock shares the leader space among companies like Microsoft and Okta, bagging a much better position than competitors like Oracle and CyberArk (Iadaptive). 


Why Choose ForgeRock and its products? 

Implementing a wide range of authentication measures: 

ForgeRock Access Management implements different authentication measures like, secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) methods. The solutions ranges from frictionless and password less options, to Social Login, to the most secure biometrics and NIST 800-63 assurance level requirements.  

One Platform, Any Cloud: 

ForgeRock offers flexible options like on premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments. For cloud, ForgeRock provides three individual environments (development, testing, and production) for the cost of a single license.  ForgeRock also provides necessary DevOps tools so that developers do not expend effort building their own tools to move configurations between environments.  

The  ForgeRock Containerized Directory Difference: 

ForgeRock is one of the few unique vendors that support deploying Directory Services in containers. This approach can lower IT costs and create a more consistent wat to scale directories within and across your data centres and cloud platforms. ForgeRock Directory Services will keep identity-related data- secure and available at lightning speed to the users and applications that make use of it. 

API Security to protect against malicious activity: 

Cybercriminals also target unsecured APIs. An API breach could be caused by a lack of authorization and insight into system health. With ForgeRock Identity Gateway can protect your APIs and users by leveraging a gateway to front APIs. Identity Gateway is used to monitor API traffic, throttle traffic volume, and detect anomalies to help maintain healthy services and protect against breaches and distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 


Amidst the growing concerns around cybersecurity, a system like IAM provides assurance to organizations by managing employee activity. The ability to allow only certain employees to view programs and applications will strengthen both security and operational programs for an organization. ForgeRock Identity Platform provides this exactly and implementing the different products offered by ForgeRock is critical to help organizations meet industry compliance requirements and help save costs by reducing the time needed to manage user account-related complications. For more information and to learn about how Sennovate supports ForgeRock IAM solution and applications like Identity Management and Access Management, click on Sennovate and ForgeRock implementations. 


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