Why Privilege Access Management Matters?

Why Privilege Access Management Matters?

When it comes to Privilege Access Management. The first thing that pops up in my mind is a vault. Simply put, Privilege access management is the gateway to the most valuable digital assets in an organization. But before diving into what is Privilege access management and why it is important? Let’s check out what exactly are privilege accounts.

 Privilege Accounts

Privilege accounts is basically an account which has more access when compared with ordinary access. They have administrative options and can control, access or monitor the systems which are connected. That’s why it is often referred to as “Keys to the Kingdom”. Such accounts are crucial and when hacked can cause great loss to the organization.

With IT security being ignored and breaches happening everywhere, the importance of Identity and access management is well known. Still, organizations must secure the privilege accounts with multi layered security. That’s where PAM comes in, a perfect solution to secure the critical accounts.

What is Privilege access Management (PAM)?

Privilege access management is a solution to monitor and secure the privilege accounts which has elevated permissions in an organization. Privilege accounts exists in every organization irrespective of the industry. Due to its administrative access to the crucial digital assets, cyber criminals tend to target this type of accounts to gain the elevated permissions.

In PAM solution, the privileged account users or super admins do not access the server or database directly. Instead they go through a vault which is monitored by a security team who goes through every access, authentication and authorization happening. This vault or repository is securely encrypted and maintains the password, key, etc. Once the super admin is authorized, they are given access to the different endpoints

 Why is it important to use PAM?

  •  Implementing PAM and regularizing the policies helps in adding an additional security layer to the privileged accounts. This make the organization’s network more secure and prevents any exposure of sensitive data. It helps in protecting the privileged accounts from cyber criminals.
  •  Using PAM enhances the productivity to a higher margin where the super admins in an organization can easily connect to systems and applications much faster than a standard user.
  • Ensure regular audit and compliance for privileged accounts where user session activities can be audited using PAM tools.

Experts from the cyberspace constantly build different strategies and policies to secure the data. In this constantly evolving cybersecurity world, PAM is an ideal solution to tackle cyber threats both inside and outside the organization.


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