Cyber Security in Construction

Cybersecurity in Construction Industry

Irrespective of the nature of business cyber-attack is quite common and a nightmare to any organization. The breach of sensitive personal data of an organization is making headlines quite often. Recently, Architectural and Construction industry is facing a major setback in the cyberspace. Yes! Hackers are lurking everywhere to steal valuable digital assets. Are you aware of how vulnerable your network actually is?

The Architectural and Construction industry comprises a vast amount of data on properties, finance, budget, designs and much more. Even the slightest exposure of data can cause irreversible difficulty in projects and operations.


  • Business & financial documents
    • Project budgets
  • Government briefings, reports, & records
  • Human resources documents
  • Internal communications
  • Legal documents
  • Network infrastructure documents
  • Product designs, budget, blueprints, instructions, & training materials


In order to protect personal data, the state of California has passed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in June 28th 2018. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2020, to protect the data of an individual in a business. These policies are out there to secure the personal information of an identity.

“Symantec reported that one out of every 382 emails exchanged in the construction industry in 2018 had malicious content”

Everyone from architects ,Professional Engineers and construction companies worry about cybercrime, but it’s a known fact that everyone is responsible for security too. The importance of securing the digital assets is well known only when there is a crisis. For instance, recently a global shipping firm, Pitney Bowes was hit by ransomware. It could have been prevented by implementing IAM.

What is IAM?

IAM is providing security to data from internal breech by ensuring right access to the right data for the right individual at the right or scheduled time.

In this data driven world, security threats are increasing day by day. Identity and access management has become a vital part of an organization. IAM is basically providing the right access to the right user at the right time using certain metrics. Incorporating biometrics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), risk-based authentication, and  identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), IAM is a powerful tool to avoid data breaches.

Benefits of IAM

  • Enhances the security in an organization
  • Offers the right access to the right people on time using standard policies
  • Decrease in help desk calls for IT support on password resets
  • Improves Service delivery by automating IAM in the organization
  • Prevents internal and external breaches

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