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Top 5 Best SSO Solutions for Startups

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions provide users with a smart and easy way to access all of their accounts. Implementing SSO solutions enables you to access all of your accounts, with just a single set of credentials.

You can simply sign in to your SSO provider and gain access to all of your company accounts by using any of the SSO solutions. When you initiate logging in to a website or an application, it will verify you are signed in with your SSO provider. You will be signed in once your SSO provider will confirm with the account that you are a legitimate user. After login, you have been continuously identified as being verified by the SSO, so you can move through the site, and across other accounts seamlessly.

The important advantage of Single Sign-On (SSO) is that without needing to manage multiple different accounts and passwords, users can log in to accounts easily. It also means that organizations can be sure that users aren’t using easy-to-guess passwords, or reusing passwords across multiple accounts. Single Sign-On helps to save the time of IT departments, by enabling admins to manage all users as well as privileges with one centralized admin dashboard. Users are free from remembering complex passwords, and admins can be sure that only those with the right privileges can access accounts.

Are you a startup? Are you confused about which SSO solution is best for you? No worries! We have gathered a list of the top 5 SSO Solutions that will best suit your startup.

Criteria On which List of Top 5 SSO Solutions is based:

#1 – Cost-effective solutions for startups
#2 – Full-featured solutions
#3 – Can be useful for both the funded and non-funded organizations
#4 – Easy to use and manage by even small businesses
#5 – Simplified authentication process
#6 – Widely used solutions and well-known in the market

Let’s proceed!

Top 5 Best SSO Solutions for Startups


Okta gives you a cost-effective solution for your single sign-on needs. It is a leading cloud-based single sign-on tool that enables companies to simplify their user authentication procedures, all while ensuring that security is never compromised. It offers a policy granting flexible access to users and enterprises as well as a full-features federation agency. Okta can be accessed through its web portal and mobile applications as well as runs on popular platforms.

You can even customize the dashboard to find the most-used apps quickly with Okta’s single sign-on (SSO) solution. As well as you can even access the dashboard from mobile devices so you can stay productive while on the go.


  • Seamless login and security experience
  • Always On
  • Adaptive Authentication
  • Real-Time Security Reporting
  • Integrations to AD/LDAP
  • Secure Directory
  • 6,500 and more pre-built integrations without any vendor lock-ins

What Is The Pricing Of The Okta SSO?

Okta has its single sign-on (SSO) solution in two packages. The General SSO plan provides most features except for contextual access management for $2 per user per month. On the other hand, the Adaptive SSO plan includes contextual access management features and costs $5 per user per month.


Auth0’s identity and management platform provide everything your growing organization demands such as greater control, superior security, and ease of use. Single Sign-On (SSO) whether through enterprise federation, social login, or username and password authentication, allows users to simply log in once and use all applications they have been granted access to.

It is a cloud-native solution that offers authentication-as-a-service functionality and offers a complete Single sign-on (SSO) solution. Usually, Auth0 runs in their public cloud, but they also offer options to host it in a private cloud if any enterprise needs it.


  • Identity Providers
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • ADFS
  • SAML
  • Consistent SSO login experience

What Is The Pricing Of Auth0?

Auth0 offers two plans. First is the Essential Plan which is best for simple projects or applications at $23/month. Second is the Professional Plan which is best for teams and projects that need added security at $240/month.


CyberArk Identity Single Sign-On (SSO) is an easy-to-manage solution for one-click access to your cloud, mobile, and legacy apps. Its SSO empowers you with a secure and frictionless sign-in experience. It is suitable for both internal and external users that adjust based on risk. With the help of existing corporate credentials, users can simply sign in to a web portal and access all their assigned applications as well as resources from one place.

It increases productivity by reducing the need to keep logging in, reduces the IT burden with self-service password and account unlock tools, as well as eliminates risky behavior with secure and centralized credential storage.


  • Adaptive Access
  • Seamlessly works with tons of SaaS, mobile, and custom apps
  • One-click access

What Is The Pricing Of CyberArk?

It has two SSO Plans. The first plan is the Standard SSO plan which is available at $2 monthly/user and the second plan is the Adaptive SSO plan which is available at $4 monthly/user.


Gluu is a leading SSO Solution with a huge variety of features for authentication as well as for access management. Its main objective is to keep the organization secure. It is also one of the top SSO solutions for startups in the market. Its Single sign-on (SSO) for all applications impressively improves the user experience across all the boundaries of the aforementioned protocols.

For the web & API authentication, it provides an authorization server. Along with this, it even offers a separate directory to store identity data. Apart from this, for inbound identities, two-factor authentication, as well as directory integration, it provides a directory for identifying data storage and authentication middleware.

Features of Gluu:

  • SSO to web and mobile apps
  • Inbound SSO
  • Social login
  • Strong authentication
  • Access management
  • Identity management
  • Directory integration
  • Community support and knowledge base

What Is The Pricing Of the Gluu?

Gluu has two pricing packages. The first one is the basic package whose normal pricing is $5/month/user and the second one is the premium package whose pricing is $25/month/user.

At Sennovate, we offer the Gluu Server at the industry’s best pricing. For 1000 employees, the average yearly cost of a Gluu Server will be $ 240,000. The yearly ROI for enterprise Gluu will be $ 2,666,250. Want to calculate the pricing according to your needs and requirements? You can click here to calculate!


ForgeRock single sign-on helps your organization deliver a ‘log in once, access everything’ environment for all users to gain access to all their applications.

Requiring a different login for each application leads to user drop-off, lost revenue, and diminished productivity. ForgeRock lets you adopt a better way, setting a single, strong user login point that is enforced universally by the policy. Orchestrate frictionless yet secure user journeys. Using ForgeRock Intelligent Access and its low code/no-code approach, you can drag and drop different elements, like authentication methods and contextual authentication, into your single sign-on journeys.


  • Streamline User Logins
  • Smart intelligence to login decisions
  • Passwordless and usernameless authentication

What Is The Pricing Of ForgeRock?

ForgeRock costs about $20,000 to implement, with ongoing costs of about $8000/month for a global enterprise.


Here are some noteworthy mentions if you are looking for more options to choose the best Single-Sign On solution for your startup.

Summing Up

Manage your authentication credentials across all systems within the organization effectively and efficiently with the help of SSO Solution. All the Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions mentioned above are the most popular and top SSO solutions available in the market and are widely used as well as best for startups. If you are in the process of choosing the SSO solution for your business, we advise you to go through this blog thoroughly.

Confused about which SSO Solution to choose for your organization? No worries. We will make it easy for you. If your organization is funded you can go for Okta, Auth0, or CyberArk.  Else, you can go for Gluu or ForgeRock.

We at Sennovate implement and support all the suites and applications of the Single Sign-On. If you are still confused about which SSO solution to choose or have any doubts we are just a call away!


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