The MSSP Guide to BeyondTrust

The MSSP Guide to BeyondTrust

In this competitive world, one thing which all businesses need is to prevent data breaches related to stolen credentials, misused privileges, and compromised remote access. There are always the chances of data breaches and attacks, especially to the IT businesses. BeyondTrust is the Privileged Access Management software that helps businesses to prevent their data from breaches or any attacks. It Doesn’t matter if your IT infrastructure is entirely in the cloud or is a hybrid model, BeyondTrust solutions will suit all your needs and requirements. We understand how important it is for businesses to protect their business data from breaches. That’s why we have come up with this guide to make you a clear concept of BeyondTrust.

Want to know what BeyondTrust is? What are its benefits and uses? How does it help you to prevent data breaches? If yes, you are on the platform. In this guide, we will explain everything about the BeyondTrust server.

Let’s dig in!

What Is BeyondTrust ?

BeyondTrust is the leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) all over the globe. It offers the seamless and most realistic approach to preventing data breaches concerned with stolen credentials, misused privileges, and compromised remote access.

It is one of the best servers that allow enterprises to easily scale privilege security as breaches evolve across endpoint, server, cloud, DevOps, and network device environments. BeyondTrust combines the industry’s wide range of privileged access proficiencies altogether. It includes centralized management, reporting, and analytics. It allows headmen to take major and better decisions to defeat attackers. BeyondTrust integrated platform is well-known and famous for its flexible design. It improves user productivity, simplifies integrations, as well as increases IT and security investments.

BeyondTrust provides enterprises with visibility and control. It helps them to bring down risk, gain compliance goals, and improve operational performance.

20,000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100 as well as a global partner network, are trusting BeyondTrust to prevent their organizations from data breaches.

Why should you choose BeyondTrust?

BeyondTrust provides 3 best-in-class major and most important solutions; including privileged access management (PAM), Endpoint Privilege Management, and Secure Remote Access. Its PAM solution enables enterprises to discover, manage, audit, and monitor privileged accounts.

Their Endpoint Privilege Management removes privileges that are not necessary and boosts rights to Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and network devices without obstructing productivity.

Additionally, BeyondTrust’s Secure Remote Access allows service desks to support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, network devices, and peripherals with one security tool. Even without a VPN, it also allows you to secure, manage, and audit vendor and internal remote privileged access.

BeyondTrust solutions will best suit your needs and requirements regardless if your IT infrastructure is entirely in the cloud or is a hybrid model.

What Are The Features Of BeyondTrust?

Privileged Access and Session Management: It reduces the chance of breaches and misuse via credential management capabilities.

Password Safe: To privileged accounts, It provides secure, monitor, control, record, and alert access via automated password as well as session management.

Automated Discovery: It scans, identifies, and profiles all applications and assets with accounts auto-onboarding.

App-to-App Password Management: It supervises various files, scripts, embedded keys, and codes to protect critical systems.

SSH Key Management: For better security, accountability, and control over Linux as well Unix systems it utilizes SSH keys.

Centralized Secret Management: It ushers all privileged credentials and secrets used by various tools and applications under a secure and centralized administration.

Automated Audit and Record keeping: It continuously monitors the users who access systems by creating an audit trail of secret operations.

Integrations: With the help of BeyondTrust, you can enjoy various unique and classic integrations that help you to manage and secure secrets used by applications and DevOps tools while leveraging identity repositories for proper authentication.

Windows and Mac: It helps you to prevent ransomware and malware attacks by omitting the service desk burden.

Open Integrations Framework: To create custom behaviors, automate workflows as well as build integrations it uses PowerShell scripts along with tools such as ITSM.

Passwordless Administration: One of BeyondTrust’s best features is that even without privileged credentials, it allows you to work on administrative functions.

Unix and Linux: It helps you bring down the chances of breaches by controlling privileged access and achieving compliances that can destroy Unix and Linux systems through privilege management solutions.

Auditing and Governance: It helps you in analyzing user behavior by storing, collecting, and assorting session recordings.

Remote Support: It provides the industry’s best and fast support remotely to any device via screen sharing and remote control. Additionally, it controls lots of systems securely via automation. You can even integrate it with CRM, SIEM, and ITSM or create custom integrations.

Customizations: By customizing and improving user experience, it helps you to maintain branding standards and create goodwill and trust.

Benefits of BeyondTrust

More Than Passwords

We agree that passwords are crucial. That’s why with the help of BeyondTrust, you can audit and manage every privileged account. This takes into account everything from privileged user passwords, app-to-app credentials, service accounts, DevOps secrets, and more. But passwords are just a small thing. BeyondTrust does more than this. It integrates privileged password security with endpoint and remote access security. This helps you in reducing your attack surface and windows of exposure.

Improves Productivity

Privileged users manage crucial tasks that keep your business running smoothly. Centralized reporting and management, integrations with your existing systems, and automated privilege management enable security that’s virtually invisible to users.

Quickened Time to Value

With BeyondTrust, customers get more than just the software. Customers will enjoy the 30+ years of accumulated security expertise as well as best practices productized in software form. Its deployment option is flexible enough including cloud deployments and virtual appliances. This feature will let you start right away.

What Is The Pricing Of BeyondTrust?

The pricing for BeyondTrust Remote Support starts at $2097.0 for a year. BeyondTrust Remote Support has only one plan and that is Cloud at $2097.00 for a year. At Sennovate, we offer BeyondTrust at the best in class industry pricing. You can even calculate the pricing according to your needs and requirements. Click here to calculate!

Wrapping Up

Hope this guide helps you to understand what BeyondTrust is and how it will help your business. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, it offers even more benefits like it is cloud-native, helps you scale up your resources according to your needs and requirements, and much more. If you want to prevent your business from any data breaches, you should give BeyondTrust a try! You can also check our other MSSP guides.

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