Understanding Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

In today’s dynamic IT security landscape, rising security alerts and falling skills shortage is forcing IT decision-makers to look at suitable solutions. Deploying security orchestration, automation and response ( SOAR) is the best answer. The job of the SOAR platform is to identify all threats and automate response for as many of them as possible.

Nowadays, SOAR is enabled to make use of AI more effectively and built to rapid response to detected threats.

Predominantly, SOAR solutions can be seen in Security operations centers (SOC), taking advantage of it. Typically, SOAR solutions start small and automate where applicable so that the security posture can move from a level to another and moves to next levels based on the requirements. As the SOAR platforms evolve, they are requiring less experience from users.

SOAR provides a quick and accurate way to process large volumes of alerts and log data. Security analysts can take prompt action and respond to attacks also at the same time stay ahead of future attacks,

Many vendors offer SOAR products in the form of pre-built playbooks, guided investigation workflows, and automated alert prioritization, resulting in significant cost reduction and saving time.

Seizing the opportunity, given that the entire eco-system is shifting to the cloud from on-premises and legacy, SOAR vendors are now offering SOAR as a service, and SOAR managed services. Prominent SOAR vendors are: ATAR Labs, Ayehu, Cyber bit, CyberSponse, D3 Security, Demisto, DFLabs, EclecticIQ, IBM, SplunkRapid7, Resolve, ServiceNow, Siemplify, Swimlane, Syncurity, ThreatConnect, and ThreatQuotient

SOAR – First coined by Gartner in 2017, SOAR is the best IT security solution that is allowing organizations to effectively, and efficiently reduce their overall security risk. According to Gartner by 2021, 70% of organizations having dedicated SOC, will include SOAR capabilities. It is estimated that the current SOAR market is close to $900 million, and will be close to two billion dollars in the next five years,

Discussed below are a few of the SOAR capabilities, that it has to offer:

  • Threat intelligence
  • Case management based incident response
  • Vulnerability management – based on live data
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Playbook management – create and manage playbooks

SOAR is on a definitive growth plane and is hugely driven with the fact that rising cyberattacks, shortage of skilled staff, tighter IT security regulatory compliance norms, and the steep rise in alerts are a good case for SOAR to its adoption. More SOC’s will adopt SOAR in a big way.

Most organizations may look at third-party vendors to manage their SOAR, as they may lack the depth of expertise. While evaluating a good SOAR vendor, IT leaders must see if the vendor has an in-depth understanding of the organization’s IT environment, and challenges.


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