Cyber Security in course curriculum – the need of the hour

Cybersecurity in course curriculum – The Need of the Hour

It’s time we need to look at the cybersecurity to form part of the mainstream course curriculum. Majors like Computer science and allied courses should take this subject very seriously and include it. The need for this push is very much required as there are a huge talent and job gaps. It is roughly estimated that there are nearly 500,000 jobs which require cybersecurity talents, this is particular to the US region.

Look at the tech how it’s growing so rapidly with all devices almost inter-connected. Further, few state agencies are looking at having data protection regulatory norms, forcing organizations to maintain a healthy IT security posture.

Given these factors, the issues of security are growing multi fold, and the available talent to handle security is too minimal, and hence arises a wide gap.  The pipeline for cyber talent needs to the layout before this gets too late.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides Cyber Security Education Training Assistance Programme (CETAP) and equips K-12 teachers with cybersecurity curricula and education tools.

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) was created to improve the long-term cybersecurity posture of the country with methodically addressing the problem of security with educating software developers.

Major universities across the country have begun to see the demands for cybersecurity professionals, and the gap in education.  Universities now are taking a re-look at their course offerings, to ensure that security is a prime course for students pursuing computer science.  This will enable students not only to understand the code but provide that extra edge to have security aspects as well. The course contents on security typically can include security coding and application security.

Recently Bank of Singapore, the private banking arm of OCBC Bank, held its first coding and cyber-security workshop yesterday for 13 teenagers aged between 14 and 15 from Montfort Secondary School on these lines cybersecurity camps must be encouraged at grass root levels to encourage more involvement in cybersecurity courses.

Organizations must ensure that security experience is a priority when hiring developers, also can conduct some training programs on security for such professionals.  Few companies are already offering security-driven courses as well for interested professionals as well.



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