What your Password Policy should Be and Why? | Webinar with Roger Grimes

Our latest webinar with Roger Grimes is [LIVE NOW]! where we dive deep into passwords,What your Password Policy should Be and Why?

The conversation is filled with insights into problems with password,hacking,MFA and more…

Password policies mean a set of rules which were made to raise computer security by inspiring users to create reliable, secure passwords and then store and utilize them appropriately.

Mostly, all the users know well the nature of security risks related to easy-to-guess passwords, but become irritated when dealing with unfamiliar criteria or trying to remember almost 19 different passwords for their multiple accounts. That is why computer engineer’s come in and play an important role in making sure that all the users are must know about the security risks they face every day. To gain this, everyone needs strong password policies and best practices.

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Roger Grimes

Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4

Roger A. Grimes, CPA, CISSP, CEH, MCSE, CISA, CISM, CNE, yada, yada, is the author of 13 books and over 1100 national magazine articles on computer security, specializing in host security and preventing hacker and malware attacks. Roger is a frequent speaker at national computer security conferences and was the weekly security columnist at InfoWorld and CSO magazines between 2005 - 2019. He has worked at some of the world’s largest computer security companies, including, Foundstone, McAfee, and Microsoft. Roger is frequently interviewed and quoted in the media including Newsweek, CNN, NPR, and WSJ. His presentations are fast-paced and filled with useful facts and recommendations.