Okta vs Idaptive: Decide in 3 Minutes

Okta vs Idaptive: Decide in 3 Minutes


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Okta and Idaptive are online security solutions. The intent of both Okta and Idaptive is to give the right people access to the right information and accounts, while making it very difficult for hackers and criminals to access accounts. Here’s a quick guide on which is right for your company.


What are Okta and Idaptive?

Okta is a cybersecurity solution provider for businesses and global enterprises. From email security to cloud database monitoring, Okta offers a modular array of security solutions. We tend to implement Okta Workforce and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication solutions most frequently. Okta is a flexible identity and access management tool that addresses the needs and budgets of small business and enterprise when it comes to Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign-On. We recommend it to companies offering customers an online log-in, i.e., online publishers and gaming.

Idaptive specializes in adaptive multi-factor authentication for email security, database monitoring, and remote app security. Idaptive strives for a simple interface that integrates SSO, MFA, EMM, and UBA. A leader in cloud-based Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign On, Idaptive is a flexible solution that’s easy to implement for small to large companies. We tend to recommend it to product based companies with a growing salesforce.


Okta vs Idaptive: Which to choose?

While Okta and Idaptive are similar product offerings, we have preferences based on your company’s goals and needs.

Choose Okta if your company is:

  • Mostly interested in online login (i.e., publishers, gaming)
  • Single Sign On and/or Multi Factor Authentication
  • Scaling quickly to 200+ employees
  • 100% cloud-based
  • Interested in biometric/fingerprint authentication

Choose Idaptive if your company is:

  • Product based with a growing salesforce
  • 50-100+ employees
  • On-prem and cloud data centers
  • Interested in a “zero-trust” security policy


Okta vs Idaptive Pricing

Okta costs about 20% more than Idaptive. For example, we implemented Okta for a Bay Area biotech startup. They pay Okta’s per user fees ($6/user), plus an annual MFA cost ($8000), plus API Access Management ($8000). In total it’s about $16,500/year, or $1375/month. On a larger scale, we implemented Okta for an enterprise IT department, and their Okta costs are about $6,000/month.

In both of these cases, Idaptive would cost about 20% less. Does that mean we recommend Idaptive over Okta, purely on price? Not at all. We recommend solutions based on the best fit for your needs and long-term goals. For many of our clients, Okta is clearly worth the additional spend, based on features, integrations, and client data architecture.


What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Both Okta and Idaptive offer class-leasing MFA security solutions. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) uses multiple pieces of information to allow the right people to access information and accounts. The most common example of MFA is when you sign-in to an account and it requires your password, a PIN confirmation on your phone, and then follows up with a risk-based geolocation confirmation behind the scenes. When three or more elements are required to sign-in, that is considered Multi-Factor Authentication. 


What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

Both Okta and Idaptive offer class-leading SSO solutions. The most common example of SSO is your Gmail account. When you’re signed-in to your account and visit various different Google properties (ex., Gmail, YouTube, etc.), your authentication travels with you, and you’re automatically signed-in to the different environments. Single Sign On (SSO), per Wikipedia:

“Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.”


Do I need an Okta or Idaptive consultant near me?

The most important factor is experience and effective workflow, whether in-person, on-site, virtual, or off-site. That said, we think working with a security consultant near you is an advantage. This will allow your security consultant to better communicate with existing IT teams, and better understand your current information architecture. A non-local security consultant becomes a good option if they follow security best practices, and have an established virtual workflow. Why? Location is less significant when virtual workforce tools are effectively adopted by consultant and client, whether a small business or global enterprise. Plus, on-site specialists can become costly. Bottom line, look for a security consultant who offers an excellent communication process, clear workflow, and custom security solution for your business. 


Have questions about finding an Okta or Idaptive consultant?
Email [email protected] or call (925) 918-6618 



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