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We are living in a constantly growing world with interconnected world organizations. These organizations have to manage millions of digital identities for customers, the workforce, and others. There is a constant need for oversight so that they have the right level of access to an organization’s resources. Time identity management can become a burdensome, risky, and costly process, especially for those organizations that are dependent on spreadsheets and other manual methods to manage things. So there is an emerging need for comprehensive digital identity platforms to provide exceptional, secure digital experiences like ForgeRock identity management solutions.

ForgeRock offers the industry’s only end-to-end, AI-driven products purpose-built for all identities and any environment — on-prem, multi-cloud, or hybrid.

Comprehensive, yet simple to use, the ForgeRock Identity Products can scale to power IAM across your entire enterprise, including your workforce, customers, workflows, devices, things.

  • Deliver exceptional experiences and zero-trust security
  • Grow your business and edge out the competition
  • Boost efficiency and reduce costs

But before going to list the products of ForgeRock, let us understand what ForgeRock is. Then we will jump to the what are products of ForgeRock and their uses and importance. And why you should opt for ForgeRock products.

What is ForgeRock Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

ForgeRock is a digital identity platform designed for any cloud environment that provides freedom to users to perform identity and access actions themselves. This solution improves user experience and increases productivity while delivering results without compromising on cybersecurity threats. This solution empowers users to have control of their profile, password, and privacy settings and can bring down costs for an organization by giving the appropriate level of access to all systems and users at the right time.

ForgeRock identity management holds prominence on security by defining password policies, integrating a workflow engine for profile updates, and logging every single user activity. Whether it’s for consumers, the workforce, or things, the entire identity life cycle is automated by delivering an exceptional user experience and increased productivity without adjusting security. Click here to know more.

What Are The Products Of ForgeRock?

ForgeRock Identity Management

Identity Management (IDM) uses an approach that allows enterprises to create new user or customer accounts, provision new application or system access, and deprovision user and customer accounts and supporting credentials from target applications and resources. It can be done by fully automating the identity lifecycle management process.

Securely manage all the digital identities relationships and get a single view of all across all your legacy, modern, and cloud identity sources.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Identity Management

Fast-track User Access

Your security and IT teams are no longer the bottlenecks for access approvals when you build secure, AI-driven access policies. Your security and IT teams can focus on higher-priority jobs, whilst your staff can get access to the business systems and applications whenever they need from day one which fast-track the user access.

Acquire Customers Faster

By simplifying the account sign-up and sign-in, your customers will find it easy to access your services and will come back for more.

ForgeRock Identity Governance

Identity Governance is an AI-driven contemporary identity governance solution. ForgeRock Identity Governance enables you to identify and apply appropriate user access, automate high-confidence access approvals, recommend certification for low-risk accounts, and automate the removal of unnecessary roles and entitlements by leveraging identity analytics engine.

You can manage and reduce the risk with Identity Governance that comes with excessive or unnecessary access of users to applications, systems, and data.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Identity Governance

Increase Workforce Productivity

Employees undergo long access review and approval cycles which usually curb their productivity. By automating high-confidence user access approvals and user self-service access to any system and application ForgeRock helps you increase workforce productivity. Automated access and governance controls allow you to manage each of the diverse user lifecycles in your workforce.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

One can achieve regulatory compliance by providing organizations vast visibility to their user access landscape, automated high-confidence access certifications, and enforcement of secure access to systems, applications, and infrastructure with the help of ForgeRock Regulatory Compliance.

ForgeRock Access Management

A single, combined solution that offers a comprehensive and flexible set of services is Access Management. It is available in the market for identity and access management (IAM) requirements. Whilst you drive personalization, it protects against the latest threats.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Access Management

Maximize Your Online Revenue

When the digital needs of the customers are met quickly, the productivity of the work increases, purchases are fulfilled, and happy customers come back for more, this accelerates your online revenue.

Elevate Your Security

When there is an increase in the threat level, simultaneously you can increase the occasion by swiftly changing how your customers access your most sensitive applications.

Directory Services

Directory services can provide high-performance, high-availability, internet-scale identity stores that can handle tons of transactions per second. It is built in such a way that it can control the poor scalability and availability by increasing the time-to-market with offerings that offer reliability to consumers and employees.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Directory Services

Secure Your Data

safeguard your identities by only giving secure access to the authorized persons that need them. Applications are given access only to the parts they need, not the whole directory with proper authorization.

Automate and Run with Ease

By automating your directory, streamline your IT footprint and save time and money. You can scale up, scale down, and duplicate consistently across data centers as your needs dictate.

Identity Gateway

Identity Gateway smoothens IAM efforts and enables enterprises to manage identity and security for web applications, APIs, and microservices with a single solution. This keeps the whole foundation agile and responsive in a continuously changing environment and secures data and transactions.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Identity Gateway

Bridge Modern and Legacy Applications

Identity Gateway allows legacy and greenfield systems to communicate with each other smoothly and securely. Legacy applications often cannot be changed. This is mainly true when they use web agents or are owned by third parties. This enables you to increase the value of your business-critical legacy applications while modernizing your environments and adopting new solutions.

Protect Your Business With API Security

Unsecured APIs are the path that exposes your enterprises to malicious activity. You can fastly secure your APIs by leveraging a gateway to front them. ForgeRock Identity Gateway serves both as a reverse proxy and an authorization enforcement point to help maintain healthy services, monitor API traffic, throttle traffic volume, and detect anomalies. This allows you to extend and receive services through APIs without introducing risk to your organization.

Autonomous Identity

With the help of autonomous identity, you can improve security and compliance, increase productivity, and downline the costs by creating the whole corporate entitlement landscape visible, predictable, and actionable through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Benefits Of ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

Gain Visibility into Enterprise-Wide Risk

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity serves you with wider and deeper insights into the risks associated with the user access landscape by providing enterprise-wide visibility. By fastly understanding who has access to what, your security and risk teams become contextually aware of your organization’s risk posture.

Accelerate Role Optimization

Legacy role-based access control (RBAC) depends on manual input and requires constant maintenance. ForgeRock fastens role optimization by discovering and analyzing role access patterns.

Edge Security

With the help of Edge Security, you can close your internet of things (IoT) security gaps. Also, leverage contextual security and open standards for IoT devices. Edge Security builds and scales trusted identity relationships.

Together with the ForgeRock Identity Platform, Edge Security offers innovative capabilities that support trusted authentication and granular relationship-based authorization decisions.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Edge Security

Build Trusted Identity Relationships

Edge security is the source of trust for the digital identities that build trust in the relationship with the help of IoT.

Promote Innovation

It promotes innovations by allowing the organizations to leverage the new and open standard capabilities.

Profile and Privacy Management

The profile and privacy management serve as a centralized dashboard for the organization’s customers, allowing them to manage their profiles and privacy preferences conveniently at the same time ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Profile and Privacy Management

Build Trust and Loyalty

Compliance is mandatory, not optional. GDPR and CCPA require that consumers have the ability to manage their own profile and privacy settings. For instance, under GDPR, consumers have the right to delete their profiles and save them locally.

Addressing these regulations gives you the opportunity to build customer trust and loyalty. With ForgeRock’s Privacy and Consent dashboard, you can give consumers the power to control their personal information, security, and privacy preferences.

Get A Single View of the User

Delivering on GDPR data subject rights requires unified and consistent identity management. But gathering siloed identities across multiple identity stores makes this challenging.

ForgeRock’s application programming interface (API) connects to multiple downstream systems and applications. You can view, manage, and connect consumer data across different interfaces, systems, and data stores. The result is a complete and current view, showing all consumer interactions with your organization.

Identity Cloud

Get the full functionality of the ForgeRock Identity Platform as a flexible, extensible, and customizable cloud service.

Benefits Of ForgeRock Identity Cloud

Elevate Experience and Security

Use a drag-and-drop interface to deliver great experiences, such as low-friction registration, self-service, and passwordless authentication. Secure all identities with Zero Trust risk assessment and transaction-level protection.

Take Control of Your Hybrid World

Living in a hybrid world? Manage all your IAM needs across on-prem, cloud, mobile, and web. Deploy ForgeRock Identity Cloud alongside our self-managed software using the industry’s most flexible deployment options.


Build secure digital identity experiences faster on the ForgeRock platform. Embed identity into web and mobile apps quickly using JavaScript and SDKs for Android and iOS. Use device telemetry for access and authorization decisions.

Benefits Of ForgeRock SDKs

Strong Authentication with Biometrics

ForgeRock SDKs enable you to quickly deliver great user experiences by enabling passwordless and username-less authentication, leveraging biometrics like Face ID and Touch ID.


ForgeRock SDKs are built from the ground up using best practices for authenticating users and securing their tokens. The SDKs use the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) as the best practice for first-party applications.


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