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How to Choose the Best SOC Solution for Your Organization?

Being a high-velocity organization, you must have ambitious growth goals. To achieve these goals, cybersecurity is an integral part. Even though it is important that you deploy standard security controls such as firewalls, IPS, anti-virus software, etc., they are not 100% effective. These controls are easily circumvented by motivated and well-armed cybercriminals, as well as insiders.Because of this, it is very important that you monitor your complete IT environment for indicators of compromise or signs of an attack. SOC Solution, which works 24/7, helps organizations with this.

SOC is an important part of an effective cybersecurity strategy as it detects and responds to threats around the clock. It even combines experts and technology with standardized processes. A SOC can help you and assure you regarding security strategy as it detects and responds to threats around the clock. It even combines experts and technology with standardized processes. A SOC can help you and assure you regarding compliance, as well as prevent expensive and damaging service disruptions with key regulations and standards. By demonstrating a commitment to security—all things you need to do in order to stay focused on innovation and growth—SOC even builds trust with your customers, partners, and investors.

When it comes to your organization’s security operations and critical data, you can’t trust just anyone. To get a high level of service as per your and your customer’s expectations, you have to uncover and select a partner that matches your organizational philosophy.

This blog will walk you through the definition of SOC.What are the different types of SOC models? What are the factors to consider before choosing the SOC solution for your organization? What are its features and benefits?

So, let’s proceed!

What is SOC?

A team of IT security professionals that safeguard enterprises by continuously monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and investigating cyber threats is called a security operations center, or SOC. Networks, servers, computers, endpoint devices, operating systems, applications, and databases are continuously examined for signs of a cyber security incident. The SOC team analyzes feeds, establishes rules, identifies exceptions, enhances responses, and keeps a lookout for new vulnerabilities.

For modern enterprise technology systems to run 24/7 to ensure a rapid response to any emerging threats, SOCs usually function around the clock in shifts.

What Are the Different Types of SOC Models?

Generally, there are three main types of SOC models available for operation. SOC is contained in-house by large organizations, as they typically build their own internal SOC with the staff and technology needed to operate it. The second type of SOC model is a completely outsourced SOC. In order to provide SOC capabilities, an organization partners with an external security vendor. The third SOC model is the hybrid model, in which SOC operations are managed jointly by an organization’s in-house security team and security vendors.

In-House SOC

If you want to control your SOC completely on your own, you should choose an in-house SOC. It is a traditional SOC. As it is on-premises, you need a proper space to control SOC by your business, staffed by people who work for your company. Along with space, your business must acquire technologies, develop processes, hire staff, and continue to grow and modernize the SOC in tandem with both your business and the threat landscape.

One of the most important benefits of in-house SOC is that you can tailor it according to your requirements. On the other hand, for a high-velocity company, the disadvantages of an in-house SOC are worse. The disadvantage is that this model requires major capital allocations as well as often takes years to develop and build. It detracts time, money, and hiring options from other growth initiatives.

Outsourced SOC

Your organization engages with a partner in an outsourced SOC model to monitor the network, identify threats, and respond to security incidents. The organizations considering this route should do their homework, as there are several forms of outsourced SOC. Some outsourced SOC providers have managed security solution providers (MSSP) and managed detection and response (MDR) providers, both of which provide some of the capabilities of a full-featured SOC.

Hybrid SOC Model

Some organizations opt for a hybrid model instead of using a fully in-house or outsourced SOC. The hybrid SOC model combines internal technical as well as personnel resources with those of an outside provider. A hybrid model offers some advantages over an in-house or outsourced SOC. As an outside expert can complement and develop your capabilities, security services expand more quickly than with a purely in-house model.

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Factors to look for When Choosing a SOC Solution

Technology Supports SOC as a Service

You have to take a look at the technology the service provider uses when you consider SOC services. Technology takes a back seat when it comes to SOC services, unlike other areas of IT and security. The reason for this is that the human touch is still the defining factor.

Without a doubt, SOC real-time monitoring is a must for you. To help with the analysis of data, SOC should also have analytical tools.

Your SOC must also have staff trained and certified to use the tools they have adopted. In this way, you can be sure your SOC is using these tools to their best effect.

24/7/365 Support

One of the most important reasons to consider outsourcing SOC monitoring is to improve overall tracking.

To be watching your systems continuously, your in-house team is likely too busy. They may not respond to threats until there is an emergency alarm, as they have other tasks to attend to. There are chances of forgetting or neglecting important security tasks, and by the time an alarm sounds, it may be too late.

A SOC provider is required to respond to potential threats on time, prior to any warning or alarm. To know you are getting “round-the-clock care,” your SOC should be available 24/7/365.

Look for Security Features to Safeguard Your Investment in SOC as a Service

To prevent compliance gaps, the best SOC has built-in security features to help in this. This safeguard both your company as well as theirs from security incidents.

Take a look at the provider’s contract and certifications and see if they include the following:

  • Regular performance of, and reporting on, third-party cybersecurity audits
  • Certification in at least one recognized cybersecurity standard
  • The use of encryption to send and receive your data

You can evaluate any provider’s security in the following ways: Looking for them will help you integrate services smoothly and improve security when the time comes to work with an SOC.

Think About Location(s)

You have to think about where your service provider is located. If you are using a virtual SOC, you may not think about this much, but geography can still be important for a few reasons.

The first thing you want to know is if the service provider operates in more than one location. The provider should have two or more sites; this allows them to provide disaster recovery and backup services.

Another reason to ask about the location is to determine where your team is working. A virtual SOC means the team you work with could be located anywhere in the world. Compliance may mean you need to have services delivered from a certain country.

Features Of SOC

Early Detection

With the active and continuous monitoring of hardware and software, SOCs can detect developing threats early. You can completely rely on security operations centre (SOC) services to detect malicious activity at the entry-level and keep your network safe.

Proactive Measures

To prevent any major cyber attacks, SOCs can take the required measures. To have awareness of servers, networks, and overall digital infrastructure, SOCs can use the latest tools and technologies.

Proper Management

Even at the time of a data breach incident, the SOC can manage logs and responses. To find the loopholes in your network, it allows you to retrace your steps and helps the forensic investigation by providing information on logging activities and communications.

High Vigilance

High vigilance is one of the important tasks of SOCs. It shows high vigilance and provides ranks as per the severity of incidents when the SOC detects any irregularity or malfunction. It even prioritizes aggressive intrusion and focuses on eliminating the major threat.

Constant Monitoring

To prevent data breaches, SOC services monitor the entire digital process. Along with this, SOCs take necessary measures while following compliance in the case of a cyber attack.

By performing these tasks, SOC can keep the company protected against any sort of malware attack or cybercriminal activity.

Summing Up

Hope the above mentioned guide helps you in choosing the best SOC solution for your organization. With mounting security concerns, SOC as a Service is a smart cybersecurity value proposition for businesses both big and small. Having any doubts? No worries! Sennovate experts are just a call away. Sennovate’s SOC solution helps you to achieve your goals as well as grow your organization.

Wrapping Up

Your company will run seamlessly regardless of whether employees are working remotely or from a secured environment if their access experience is as frictionless as possible. With a comprehensive Workforce IAM, enable an efficient, work-from-anywhere workforce that provides easy access to your digital services as well as delivers security, scalability, and reliability.

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