Automate IAM for your startup with Sennovate+

How Sennovate+ can help your startup automate IAM?

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IAM Solution is everything that happens behind a login box. Only the right person accesses the right resources at the right time with the help of IAM. We are living in a digital world, where businesses are going through digital transformations, applications and resources are moved to the cloud. But the cloud has to be protected to secure your resources and data. Hence, it becomes necessary for organizations to aptly implement Automate IAM solutions.
It is increasingly evident that businesses are using more and more resources to continuously handle security threats. Businesses are required to have a proper plan to implement the correct IAM solution to maximize protection. Want to know what IAM is? Click here.

According to the recent study around 66% of businesses struggle with managing the access to systems and applications used by their employees? The world has gone digital and thus the demand for automation of specific business processes also increases. Because of which, businesses can benefit from having automated Identity and Access Management (IAM). For the startup it is necessary to automate IAM.

But, you may be wondering what is Sennovate+? How your startup can automate IAM with the Sennovate+? Why should you choose Sennovate+? No worries! This blog will answer all your What, how and why regarding Sennovate+.

Let’s get started?

First thing first, Why Startups Need To Automate IAM?

Because of the following reasons, Startups need to automate IAM.

Reduces IT department workload

It is but obvious that an IT department impacted positively after having an automated IAM system. For example, it is a common fact that password management is one of the most common reasons people call the IT department for help.

Users are able to reset their own password when your organization has an automated IAM. Before authorizing the access of the resources the system will automatically recognize the user and compare the allocated rights. There is no need for an IT department to have a watch on all users accessing and using the system. Because of which, it reduces the burden of the IT staff and permits them to do more significant tasks.

Even the IT department team doesn’t have to follow up on those logging into the system. The specific tasks can be performed faster and perfectly with the help of an Automated IAM system.

Increases end-user productivity

When the workload of the IT department is reduced, they are able to focus on the management of the system. Additionally, the end-users are allowed to change between processes without having to key passwords with an automated IAM system.

Because of the IAM automation, users are able to focus on their work and use the resources instead of management. Before performing any specific tasks, users are not required to wait for the admin approval.

The system keeps the users confined to their capabilities by allocating them with the rights and privileges to access the system.

Audits and compliance becomes easier, affordable and better

It would be hard to keep track of the available users on the network without any robust IAM system. This makes security audits complicated as well as expensive.

It is way easier to comply with the required cybersecurity policies with the help of Automation of identity access management (IAM). To save and record user activity on the systems becomes easier with the help of Automation and thus provide useful audit data.

A company is required to spend less time retrieving relevant data if it has invested in identity access management automation. The automated system updates accounts, personal identity information, passwords, and other login information, making sure they are compliant.

What Is Sennovate+?

Sennovate+ is a product that allows you to enable faster adoption of Open Source IAM. Our new product allows organizations to easily use a Gluu Server or ForgeRock for managing their identities along with fast time to market.

With Sennovate+ you can deploy the open source IAM Solutions – Gluu and ForgeRock AM not in a few days but in a few minutes. Yes you heard it right, in just a few minutes you can deploy IAM solutions.

When organizations are on the growing stage, managing identities is a major hurdle they are facing. The main reason behind implementation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions is to solve this problem.

The IAM solutions also have certain disadvantages when it comes to configuring and setting up one solution. The setting up process of IAM solutions is really complex, lengthy, and time-consuming. The cost of buying and licensing IAM solutions is also very expensive when you are starting as an organization. This also becomes a reason why a lot of organizations neglect setting up a proper, robust IAM solution when they are on the growing stage.

Features Of Sennovate+

Enjoy the following features with the Sennovate+.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on (SSO) includes the means of authenticating identity to all allowed resources instead of the requirement to provide more than one authentication factor. Sennovate+ provides single credentials across the system at a time. Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions provide numerous advantages to business users that are struggling to keep track of multiple different logins.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With more than one series of authentication passwords, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) allocates the allowed resources to the identity only after identity verification. Sennovate+ employs various authentication factors according to the security levels of your organization.

Users are required to give more than one verification method in MFA in order to get access to a resource for instance an application or an online account. As it requires one or more extra verification factors in addition to a login and password, it reduces the chances of a successful cyber attack.

Directory Integration

Sennovate+ allows organizations to manage their users, permission levels, and authentication process through an online and remote interface. The organization can manage the approved users and detect any fraudulent activities on the system.

Custom App Integration

Build a custom software solution that is specific to your exact use case. That code will be as general as a plugin to shuffle data from one database to another, all the way up to a full-blown customized content management system.

Social Login

Social Login authentication provides end-users with a convenient way to register and log into sites and user portals using their existing social network identities from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This method is popular with users because it doesn’t require them to remember another password. Users simply use their social logins in place of another set of credentials.

Why Sennovate+?

With Sennovate Plus (Beta) one can set up and use an IAM solution in just minutes at a fraction of the cost without any huge licensing cost involved. Users can set up Gluu or ForgeRock – our IAM solution of choice in minutes and use it to manage all their identities online.

Gluu and ForgeRock are an open-source IAM solution that can deliver and provide solutions for all your identity needs. Sennovate is a proud partner of Gluu and ForgeRock and helps enable a seamless IAM setup for organizations of any size.

Pricing Of Sennovate+

You can try the Sennovate+ free for 7 days.

The Basic Plan of Sennovate+ is available at $99/month in which you can enjoy all the features of Gluu or ForgeRock along with email support.

The Enhanced Plan of Sennovate+ is available at $199/month which is specially curated for the organizations. You can enjoy all the features of Gluu or ForgeRock along with the added support.

Summing Up

Are you a Startup? Are you looking for ways to Automate IAM? Look no more! Go to and join our waitlist, and we will invite you to test and explore our IAM service free of cost. The features and tools are still in the pipelines for the users to deploy as it is currently available as a beta. With the current version, you can enjoy the 7-day free trial and manage all the identities. Once the trial period ends, you can buy the plan at $99 monthly that allows using the service indefinitely.

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