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Best Open Source Single Sign-On Solutions

We all spend a lot of time signing on! Ain’t we? Not only is it time-consuming but often a humbling experience. For example, how many times have you asked yourself questions like “Was the ‘B’ in this password capital or lowercase?” instantly followed by “Am I losing my mind?” Also, it can be a nightmare if you have to deal with a significantly huge number of accounts constantly. SSO solutions will help you with this.

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions offer various benefits to business users that are struggling to keep track of their numerous different logins. Users of the SSO solution can also access all of their important apps as well as databases with a single strong set of credentials or even a face scan. SSO solutions also offer a central login for all user accounts and IT systems. It even modernizes the user experience by providing security and transparency. In a medium as well as in huge organizations, users access digital resources ideally using Single Sign-On(SSO) software. Identity and access management using SSO software has also become an integral part of everyday business operations.

This blog is all about open-source SSO solutions. We have gathered a list of the best 5 open-source Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions that will not only help you to securely access multiple applications but also ease services using just one set of credentials. So, be with us and know the best SSO solutions for your business.

Let’s proceed!

Top 5 Open Source SSO Solutions


Gluu is an open-source SSO platform with a huge variety of features for authentication as well as for access management. Its main objective is to keep the platform secure. It is also one of the leading open-source SSO solution in the market. Its Single sign-on (SSO) for all applications greatly improves the user experience beyond the boundaries of the aforementioned protocols.

It provides an authorization server for web & API authentication as well as offers a separate directory to store identity data. Apart from this, for inbound identities, two-factor authentication, as well as directory integration, it provides a directory for identifying data storage, authentication middleware.

Features of Gluu

  • SSO to web and mobile apps
  • Inbound SSO
  • Social login
  • Strong authentication
  • Access management
  • Identity management
  • Directory integration
  • Community support and knowledge base

What Is The Pricing Of the Gluu?

The normal pricing of the Gluu is $5/month/user for the basic package. The pricing of the Gluu is $25/month/user for the premium package.

At Sennovate, we offer the Gluu Server at the industry’s best pricing. For 1000 employees, the average yearly cost of a Gluu Server will be $ 240,000. The yearly ROI for enterprise Gluu will be $ 2,666,250. Want to calculate the pricing according to your needs and requirements? You can click here to calculate!


Keycloak is an open-source Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool having a license with Apache License 2.0. Also, It enables SSO on web services and web apps. KeyCloak is open-source software available on Github. KeyCloak is mostly written in Java with brief input from other languages that include JavaScript as well as HTML. It helps you to set up a secure single sign-on provider. Various protocols such as SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect are supported by keycloak. User credentials are also stored by keycloak locally or via an LDAP or Kerberos backend. Apart from this, it is also supported by the Red Hat SSO project.

Features Of Keycloak

  • SSO
  • Social login
  • Centralized management
  • Identity brokering
  • Themes

What Is The Pricing Of the Keycloak?

Keycloak is the complete free open-source SSO Solution.


IdentityServer is also an open-source single sign-on solution available in the market. It is based on OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 and it is a cross-platform framework. Apart from this, for multiple applications, this open-source software provides central authentication and authorization capabilities. Federated identities, multiple flows, and API authorization are supported by this. Apart from this, IdentityServer software allows users to log in with just one set of credentials across many apps. Moreover, IdentityServer is mainly written in C# and all of its source code is available on Github along with documentation regarding deployment and development.

Features of IdentityServer

  • Claim-based Provider
  • Cross-Platform
  • UI Customization
  • Access Control for API
  • Single Sign-on /Sign-out

What Is The Pricing Of The IdentityServer?

Like Keycloak, IdentityServer is also the complete free open-source SSO Solution.

IBM Cloud Identity

Build a secure user network with Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and identity governance capabilities with the help of IBM Cloud Identity. Lots of pre-built connectors for popular third-party apps as well as templates to help integrate in-house apps are included in it.

Features Of IBM Cloud Identity

  • Federated SSO for cloud applications
  • Employee launchpad
  • Online connector catalog
  • Application delegation

What Is The Pricing Of IBM Cloud Security?

IBM Cloud Identity provides both free as well as premium plans. The free plan is limited to five connected applications for unlimited users.

On the other side, the paid plan of IBM Cloud Identity:

  • Unlimited SSO starting at $2.50/month per user for cloud and on-premises apps.
  • Multi-factor authentication is available starting at $5/month per employee.
  • Provisioning starts at $4/month per employee.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory assists business users to connect with their apps and data seamlessly. The platform features pre-built integrations with thousands of software tools but is designed with other Microsoft products in mind. Various features like user provisioning enhanced security with access options based on location, device, and app context are provided by the Microsoft Azure active directory.

Features Of Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  • 500,000 directory object limit
  • SSO with 10 apps per user
  • User/group management and provisioning
  • B2B collaboration
  • Self-service password change for cloud users
  • Basic security and usage reports

What Is The Pricing Of Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides a free plan with an SSO limit of 10 apps per user.

Premium plans includes:

  • The Basic plan – Available for $1/month per user.
  • The Premium P1 plan – Available for $6/month per user.
  • The Premium P2 plan – Available for $9/month per user.



Wrapping Up

All the Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions mentioned above are the most popular SSO solutions available in the market and are widely used as well as popular. If you are in the process of choosing the SSO solution for your business, we advise you to go through this blog thoroughly.

We at Sennovate implement and support all the suites and applications of the Single Sign-On. If you are confused on which SSO solution to choose or have any doubts and want to have a call with us to know more about SSO Solutions? Contact us right now by clicking here. Sennovate’s Experts will explain everything on call in detail. You can also write a mail to us at [email protected] or call us on (925) 918-6618.