Why you need Customer identity and access management (CIAM)?

According to Gartner’s research, providing a unified experience, replacing homegrown solutions, and streamlining operations are key factors that drive the need for a Customer identity and access management  solution in a digital business. A basic Customer identity and access management  system provides these advantages for a business and its customers.  


1. Streamlined customer experience

 A streamlined customer interface demonstrates a company that is up to date and worried about the best way to log in. You inspire consumers to try out more of their digital services by offering a simple login experience for your applications and services. The outcome is an optimized consumer with no additional work on the part of your digital ecosystem. For example, a customer sign-on only requires one account for all the digital touchpoints, via a customer identifier and an access management system. Whether your customers are signing in from a browser or a mobile device, they’ll benefit from not having to sign in repeatedly to different services again and again encouraging repeat use of your apps and services.  

2. Security for data and accounts

A standard CIAM system provides essential data and account access security features. To track each customer’s use and log-in habits for risk-based authentication, for example, suspicious (and therefore potentially fraudulent) activities can be detected easily. In case of additional security layers, you can allow Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which checks the identity of a customer by requiring another stage, e.g., entering an SMS code. Your safe login procedures will ensure consumers that they use your services safely, which is vital to the number of infringements of public information.   

3. Scalability and up-time 

The reliability is optimized and the need for resources minimized with only one completely controlled customer identity management system for you. A single login system for all applications and utilities allows new services to be added easily on-line. Depending on the application, a cloud deployment can effectively increase and decrease downtime to practically zero.  

4. A unified view of each customer 

   You will get a full rundown on each customer by linking the data collected from all services and websites.  have access to real-world data in surprising detail with the full picture of what a customer has done since the first time he visited your site. Also use this information to track consumer travel in a wide variety of apps and services and create marketing people that truly represent your customers, design new products or special offers. Reach customers more efficiently and serve them better when you understand your customers more profoundly. All of this adds up to more revenue and a lower cost of acquisition and retention.   

5. Compliance with privacy regulations 

Conformity to privacy is an important feature of the collection of consumer information by every organization and an integral part of an online business. The GDPR of the EU is just one example of data protection laws of global scope that affect data that flow into or out of the EU. The majority of Western countries have identical rules, and the rest of the world quickly catches up.CIAM may also be adapted for various areas – necessary for a multinational company – to satisfy regulatory requirements.  You must comply with these regulations when you have an online business that you want in 2019 or beyond to remain viable. Here are some things that you ought or should do to comply with the regulations:  

  • Provide a comprehensive report of the knowledge to customers.  
  • Enable customers to use self-service to access their data.  
  • Allow customers to review the data they retain or delete.  
  • Include a user data use and retention policy report to regulators.  
  • Show consumer data protection authorities the steps you take.  
  • Show that you reduce retention of data to a minimum and prevent unnecessary use of data.  


In conclusion, one size does not fit all hence Sennovate pays keen attention to their customer’s infrastructure and provides customized service. Sennovate delivers custom identity and access management solutions and Security Operation Center (SOC) solutions to businesses around the globe. Sennovate ensures to provide a seamless experience with integration across all cloud applications, and a single price for product, implementation, and support. Have questions? The consultation is always free. Email [email protected] or call us at: (925) 918-6618