Here’s why you need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication for your accounts right away

Here’s why you need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication for your accounts right away

98% of us have been caught in the vicious cycle of having to log in through Two-factor Authentication to our Google, Facebook, or even our Rockstar Game accounts for playing GTA V! In fact, many of us need to use it every day to log in to our work or school accounts. But ever wondered what that annoying thing is and why many websites ask us to set it up? 

In 2019, Rockstar Games announced that $500,000 would be credited to your GTA Online account and 10 gold bars to your Red Dead Online account if you merely enable Two-factor authentication for your Rockstar account! Now I am sure that at least for this reason you’ll agree that there’s something more to Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication than meets the eye!

Muti Factor Authentication


What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA is a security mechanism that requires a user to present 2 or more credentials to verify their identity. Hence, Two-factor authentication is a subset of MFA. Due to multiple layers of authentication, MFA is by far the most secure security mechanism. While it may take away a few seconds to gain access to your accounts, that one action can reduce 99.9% of cyber attacks on your accounts!

Are Passwords really safe?

Here are the 3 main reasons why passwords aren’t secure:

Users tend to reuse passwords for multiple accounts

Let’s face it. Every 4 out of 5 users are bound to do this or have already done this, and hackers know that! While you may find it easy and less tedious to reuse your passwords, you must remember that if one of your accounts gets hacked, then all your accounts which use the same or similar password formats are very likely to get compromised.

Complex passwords aren’t secure

In a research paper titled “Observing Passwords in Their Natural Habitat”, published by a research group at Carnegie Mellon University, they observed that passwords that were more complex were reused more often by users. Password cracking systems can identify the weaknesses of human tendencies and hence, can crack complex passwords way faster than what simple mathematical probability would suggest.

Well, if you’re wondering how to create passwords that are strong and easy to remember, yet hard to break then you must check out this post by Tips and Tricks

Organizations’ password databases are hacked more often than you think.

Did you know that only 5% of a company’s computer folders are protected? Stats also  say that cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds!

On May 27 2020, the personal data of 47.5 million Indians was found for sale on the dark web for only $1000 due to a data breach of the infamous caller identification app, True Caller! 

Wondering whether your favourite company made the list of the top data breaches in 2019 or 2020, then check out this ‘Alarming Timeline of Data Breaches’!

Don’t worry! This does not mean that you need to change your password for every account of yours or find an alternative to using a password. But what it means is that passwords are not the only means you should use for accessing your account. Any and every authentication method has its pros and cons, but the more the layers of authentication, the greater the security of your accounts.

Still not convinced on why MFA is the door to modern security? Check out our blog on the ‘Modern Guide to MFA’ and I am sure you won’t look back!

But the real question is, how do MSSPs help you set up MFA?

A Managed Security Service Provider or MSSP is an external partner who manages and monitors cybersecurity solutions for a company or organization. While the process of implementing MFA would vary slightly from MSSP to MSSP and product to product, the general outline of the setup process is as follows:

  1. The company is provided with an MFA tool by the MSSP based on the company’s security needs such as server, firewall, VPN, or device protection. 
  2. A consultant is assigned for the company to help them set up MFA and manage it.
  3. All the users who aren’t registered to the tool need to complete registration.
  4. Network Location is defined.
  5. List of authentication methods are chosen for both verification and as a backup in case a user loses access to his account.
  6. MFA is integrated with the cloud.

Sennovate is also a MSSP which provides its customers with MFA tools from leading vendors such as, 

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