Cheapest security audit $99

Why Security Audits Are Crucial For Businesses 

In today’s digital age, even small and medium businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals. That’s why a Security Audit is necessary.  
What is a security audit? 

Think of a security audit as a deep dive into your company’s digital defenses. It’s a comprehensive assessment that identifies vulnerabilities in your systems, networks, and data. By proactively uncovering these weaknesses, you can address them before they become a major security breach. 
Here’s where Sennovate comes in. 

What’s Your Biggest Security Headache? 

  • Feeling like you’re constantly one step behind hackers? 
  • Unsure if your company complies with industry regulations? 
  • Worried about the ever-expanding attack surface your company presents? 

You’re not alone. These are common pain points for businesses without a robust security team. 

Introducing Sennovate’s $99 Security Audit: Small, Quick, and Powerful 

Our comprehensive audit helps you: 

  • Uncover hidden vulnerabilities in your network and applications with a full black box assessment
  • Gain hacker visibility: See how your defenses appear from the attacker’s perspective. 
  • Reduce your attack surface: Our report provides actionable recommendations for tightening your security posture. 
  • Ensure compliance: Identify any gaps that might put you at risk of regulatory fines. 

Here’s How it Works (Simple and Fast!): 

  1. Fill out the quick form with your contact information. 
  1. Schedule a quick kick-off call to discuss your needs. 
  1. We conduct the audit on your external IP addresses and domain names. 
  1. Receive a detailed report within a week, outlining vulnerabilities and recommendations. 
  1. Follow-up call to answer any questions and discuss next steps. 

Bonus! Our $99 offer covers up to 10 IPs/Domains. Need more? We can provide a custom quote for a comprehensive scan. 

Don’t wait for a cyberattack to happen. Take control of your security with Sennovate’s affordable and fast security audit. Click here to get started!

About Sennovate

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