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What is a SOC and Why Does Your Business Require One?

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We live in a digital and technological advancements world that has allowed us to store, share, and access critical business data anywhere, anytime. On the other side, hackers are also using different techniques and various software to make data protection more challenging than before. This is where a Security Operations Center or SOC plays the role of helping hand. 

Having a comprehensive and mature SOC solution is not just about log monitoring, or having the right SIEM software running to detect threats. To make sure that everything works as you want you will want a pair of experts who eye’s on your environment constantly apart from the automated systems. And for that, you’ll want a Security Operations Center. 

The world’s leading cybersecurity companies are using a Security Operations Center to truly monitor and proactively protect their organization’s data systems. So we thought we’d write up a little something about what is SOC? Why is it important? Why does your business need one? 

Let’s proceed! 

What is SOC?

A team of IT security professionals that safeguard enterprises by continuously monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and investigating cyber threats is called a security operations center, or SOC. Networks, servers, computers, endpoint devices, operating systems, applications, and databases are continuously examined for signs of a cyber security incident. The SOC team analyzes feeds, establishes rules, identifies exceptions, enhances responses, and keeps a lookout for new vulnerabilities. 

For modern enterprise technology systems to run 24/7 to ensure a rapid response to any emerging threats, SOCs usually function around the clock in shifts. 

How Does a SOC Work?

A SOC provides your business with people and technologies that work around the clock to identify, isolate, and react to cyber threats against your business. The word “center” in Security Operations Center does not mean that you have to provide any extra space or resources. 

Your SOC will be supervised by security specialists, investigators, auditors, and responders, each fulfilling roles for every stage of the security journey. From prevention to remediation, it does everything. 

This includes each and every view of your business: 

  • Safeguard against threats before they attack your systems. 
  • Continuous monitoring to prevent your networks from malicious or unusual activity is essential. 
  • It assesses your most critical network locations in order to protect them constantly. 
  • It provides in-depth reports on any action or prevented threats. 

Why Does My Business Need a SOC?

It is necessary that your security will fulfill regulatory requirements, justify your security budget, and provide you and your users with greater freedom of work. The SOC’s holistic approach takes care of all three: 

Your regulatory responsibilities – It takes into consideration the prevention, auditing, and repair of any data breaches affecting your users and clients. Your organization has a proven and reliable solution that fulfills all three requirements should you ever need to report to the ICO. 

Consolidating your security budget – You have to deal with fewer vendors and at fewer costs to manage with the holistic approach of a SOC solution. By preventing the risk of GDPR fines or ransomware demands, your security costs are much more predictable and reasonable. 

Greater business bandwidth – For all businesses, it is a key concern to cite cybersecurity, yet few have the skills or resources to deliver their solutions. There is no need to manage, monitor, or mentor a security department as a SOC provides outsourced protection by industry specialists. 

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Features Of SOC

Early Detection

With the active and continuous monitoring of hardware and software, SOCs can detect developing threats early. You can completely rely on security operations center (SOC) services to identify any malicious activities at the entry level so that your network remains protected. 

Proactive Measures

To prevent any major cyber attacks, SOCs can take the required measures. To have awareness of servers, networks, and overall digital infrastructure, SOCs can use the latest tools and technologies. 

Proper Management

Even at the time of a data breach incident, the SOC can manage logs and responses. To find the loopholes in your network, it allows you to retrace your steps and helps the forensic investigation by providing information on logging activities and communications. 

High Vigilance

High vigilance is one of the important tasks of SOCs. It shows high vigilance and provides ranks as per the severity of incidents when the SOC detects any irregularity or malfunction. It even prioritizes aggressive intrusion and focuses on eliminating the major threat. 

Constant Monitoring

To prevent data breaches, SOC services are made to monitor the entire digital process. Along with this, SOCs take necessary measures while following compliance in the case of a cyber attack. 

By performing these tasks, SOC can keep the company protected against any sort of malware attack or cyber criminal activity. 

How Do You Find a Reliable SOC Provider?

Finding a reliable SOC provider is a bit tricky for many businesses. How does a SOC provider match your budget without compromising your cybersecurity standards? Is personalized service is available? How extensive is their coverage and availability? Your SOC provider must have answers to all these questions and clear all your doubts. 

Are you in search of a reliable SOC provider? Have a look at Sennovate’s SOC once. Sennovate’s experts will answer all your questions and help you match your budget without compromising your cybersecurity standards. 

Why Choose Sennovate’s SOC?

Sennovate provides Modern Security Operations Center solutions to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for clients every day. Sennovate has partnered with Stellar Cyber, a leading Open XDR platform delivering Detection and Response for your Teams which is like security cameras for your organization. It provides comprehensive visibility into your organization’s security posture, allowing you to identify and resolve threats. Our SOC solutions help reduce noise and give you the peace of mind that your organization is protected. Contact us to get access and enable SOC capabilities for your organization. 

Wrapping Up

If you need a Security Operations Center to be proactive threat hunters within your system, consider Sennovate’s SOC. 

We install and monitor the top-of-the-line, and we have a 24/7 monitoring service with advanced network analytics, data forensics capability, and a defined threat remediation process. 

And we always make time to get to know your company. To check in frequently. To gain a thorough understanding of your organization in order to protect and serve you better. Want to know more about SOC? Sennovate’s SOC experts are here to help you. 

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