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Unlock the Power of IAM: Securing and Managing Identities in a Digital Transformation World

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In the today’s digital world, understanding the roles and responsibilities of individuals in the workplace is an important thing. To safeguard the assets of the business and pave the way for seamless processes, secure authorization and faster digital transformation, it is must to have identities and access management (IAM) solution. Establishing an individual’s identity has always been an intrinsic part of carving a personal footprint among the multitudes.

On the wider meaning, definition of Identity is who is who in an organization, and the roles each individual play. Identity is also considered to be the new perimeter. For the modern security strategy based on zero trust, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is considered as core in any organization. With this, the organization can focus on protecting their users, applications, systems and business. Apart from playing the key role in security controls and in threat detection, IAM is also key to a digital transformation strategy for the internal workforce as well as for customers, by enabling business processes and providing a modern immersive user experience.

You must be wondering what IAM is? How will it secure identities in the age of digital transformation? How does it play an important role in securing identities? This blog has answers to all your questions.

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What is Identity Access Management (IAM)?

Identity and Access Management is the important part of the entire IT security that manages digital identities and user access to systems, resources, and data across the company. IAM is the security management system. Being a security management tool lowers down the identity-related access risks within a business.

Nowadays, for both on-premises and cloud implementation leading IAM solutions are available.

To diminish risks, upgrade compliance, and better up efficiency across the enterprise, you need to choose the best IAM security partner for your organization. Click here to know more about IAM.

What is Digital Transformation?

To enjoy the advantage of modern technologies, Digital transformation is a re-engineering of your business processes. It is not just a matter of just taking a process and making it digital, but also a review and examination of how your business is done and how it can be made better. Putting the customers at its core is the key to digital transformation. To define the new ways or methods of doing a business, new technologies and processes can be used.

While it is easy to think of a customer as someone who buys your goods and services, it is important to keep in mind that employees are customers as well. Employees have embraced the modern age and expect to be able to interact with their employers in a truly connected fashion. This “always on” environment must be considered as you look to define your digital transformation strategy.

IAM In A Digital Transformation World:

To mitigate the challenges of identities, the use of identity and access management (IAM) has increased over the past few years. By controlling the access to the digital assets as well as by managing the underlying processes for each of the identities, either human or non-human, IAM plays a key role. Because of this, you can unlock the benefits of identity and access management (IAM) in securing and managing the identities in the age of digital transformation.

To provide the initial access to digital technologies and manage the process to govern and administer identities is the main aim for which several IAM solutions have been built. An IAM solution that covers all the areas i.e. internal or external, consumers or partners, employees or contractors is the ideal solution. The aim is to empower digital transformation with increased trust from customers, partners and employers, all of whom are increasingly becoming more digitally conscious. It also enables capturing the unique information about each party and managing their consent, according to regulations and privacy best practices.

Benefits Of IAM In A Digital Transformation World:

Can be Accessed Easily From Anywhere

We are living in the digital world where people need their identities all the time to use various services and resources. Because of this, without any restriction, they want access to any platform using their IDs. IAM helps in eliminating barriers for customers to enter the platform anytime and from anywhere.

It Encourages the Connection Between the Different Parts

People, applications, as well as devices are needed to stay connected to each other as the digital transformation is taking place among more and more organizations. Apart from its numerous benefits, it is obvious that all of these processes bring with them some security threats.

IAM helps in mitigating these security threats, as the IAM solution guarantees correct administration with the best identity providers, such as Salesforce, Twitter and Google. Identity and Access Management is being extendable and ready for future advances. Authentication and security are two of the strengths of the IAM solution.

It Improves User Experience

It becomes a real challenge for the common man to remember so many usernames and passwords to access social networks, banks and other services on the Internet. The IAM solution solves this challenge as people can get an identity that provides access to different systems.

IAM’s Single sign-on (SSO) feature empowers customers as well as partners to access different internal and external applications with the same access method. In this way, the user experience can be improved to a great extent.

It Works As an Identity Integration Layer

The main advantage of the IAM solutions is that they enable the creation of an identity integration layer. This layer of identity simplifies the integration across multiple systems, along with increasing the speed of deployment in a scalable manner. To determine the user behavior, IAM centralizes the access as well as enables the ability to bring together all user information.

Identity Management Improves Productivity

By automating the entry of new personnel, Identity Management (IAM) also facilitates access to all components of the system with which the company operates. This will improve productivity by reducing times in the delivery of access so that they begin to produce on the spot.

Business agility is also increased for this reason by using the advantages that technology makes available to meet the demands of today’s world. Its application translates into greater business success.

In Conclusion

As said before, we are living in a Digital world where the majority of organizations have defined a Digital Transformation strategy. Still, there seems to be a gap in both maturity of such strategies and their internal communication. According to one of the survey, more than 85% of the respondents rate a mature Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategy as highly important for succeeding in the Digital Transformation. This proves the importance of IAM for business success.

Various collections of attributes are required to create a successful digital transformation journey for your customer that includes everything from personal profiles to health conditions. To create a converged digital identity, all these attributes should be combined together. Unless you have full control over the management of identities, you cannot establish a secured digital transformation and cannot keep your customers’ identities safe. Because of this, your organization needs an IAM solution to safeguard your customers’ identities in this digital transformation age.

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