Top 5 Open Source MFA solutions

Top 5 Open-Source Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions

Technology is changing rapidly, and so to will our need to adapt the open-source MFA solutions.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method and technology that will use to verify a user’s identity. For the users to be able to log into a system or make a transaction it requires a minimum two or more credential category types.

A successful combination of at least two independent credentials is a must-have requirement of the MFA method. It usually combines one of three following credential categories:

What the user knows: a password or a passphrase
What the person possesses: a security token, key fob, or SIM card
What the user is: biometrics such as fingerprints, eye retina or iris, voice, or facial recognition

MFA requires a user to give two or more verification factors in order to get access to a resource such as an application or an online account. MFA needs one or more extra verification criteria in addition to a login and password, which reduces the chances of a successful cyber attack.

A code available in public is considered as “Open Source”. Also, the tools and solutions of open source are more secure as the code can be inspected and reviewed by anyone.

This blog is all about open-source MFA solutions. We have gathered a list of the best 5 open-source Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solutions that will not only help you to make the authentication process easy but help you to be sure about the security. So, be with us and know the best MFA solutions for your business.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Open-Source Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Gluu Casa

Gluu Casa is an open-source and self-service Multi-Factor Authentication to boost your digital identity. It is revolutionary. Casa provides a single point of management for end-users that allows them to view, enroll, and remove MFA credentials. It also comes with hardware tokens, software tokens, commercial services (like Duo), social login, biometrics, and mobile. It is also extensible. When any new authentication technologies come up, you can download plugins to leverage them in your organization with the help of Casa.

Gluu Casa provides modern multi-factor authentication such as Adaptive Authentication, Location-based Authentication, as well as Trusted Browser.

Advantages Of Gluu Casa

Deploy cloud-native

Casa is the right choice for you if you love Kubernetes, or services like Amazon EKS, Google GKS, or SUSE Rancher. Casa supports cloud-native deployments using standard tools like Helm. It also supports multiple database backends, including LDAP, Couchbase, RDBMS, Amazon Aurora, and Google Spanner.

Enforce strong authentication

Only the right person on the right device can enjoy access to applications. By locking the front door, you can improve the security posture of your business. An OpenID Connect API as the interface as well as the returns a standard JWT “id_token” is offered by Casa. It can also be used for policy enforcement.

No more password resets

Even without calling the help desk or degrading the security of the credentials users can smoothly enroll, manage and remove passwordless credentials on all their devices. An organization’s MFA is only as strong as the weakest account recovery workflow!


Ory is the largest open-source MFA solution community in the world of cloud software application security. It will manage users and authenticate them, set and check permissions, protect your APIs, applications, data, and much more. It has an ecosystem of services with clear boundaries that solve authentication and authorization.

Advantages of Ory

Reliable Protection

Ory offers reliable protection from hacking attempts such as keylogger and brute force attacks. If an attacker manages to compromise credentials, this information is not enough for them to gain an access to the account.

Seamless User Management

It provides seamless user management by provision IDs, storing user information, configuring authentication methods, and using a headless API.

Fully Flexible

It is flexible enough in terms of authentication, authorization, access control, and delegation to meet your changing business needs.


ForgeRock is an open-source Identity solution provider that offers MFA capabilities. It is a digital identity platform designed for any cloud environment that provides freedom to users to perform identity and access actions themselves. This solution improves user experience and increases productivity while delivering results without compromising on cybersecurity threats. This solution can bring down costs for an organization by giving the appropriate level of access to all systems and users at the right time, allowing users to have control of their profile, password, and privacy settings.

Advantages Of ForgeRock

Implementing a wide range of authentication measures

Different authentication measures like secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) methods are implemented by ForgeRock Access Management. The solutions range from frictionless and passwordless options to Social Login, to the most secure biometrics and NIST 800-63 assurance level requirements.

One Platform, Any Cloud

Various flexible options like on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments are offered by ForgeRock. Various DevOps tools are also provided by it so that developers do not expend effort building their own tools to move configurations between environments.

API Security to protect against malicious activity

Cybercriminals also target unsecured APIs. Its Identity Gateway is used to monitor API traffic, throttle traffic volume, and detect anomalies to help maintain healthy services and protect against breaches and distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


PrivacyIDEA is an open-source solution providing a wide variety of different authentication technologies including MFA. It comes with a mighty and flexible policy framework that allows you to adapt privacyIDEA to your needs. The unique event handler modules enable you to fit privacyIDEA into your existing workflows or create new workflows that work the best for your scenario. It also plays nice with the others and integrates with identity and authentication solutions like FreeRADIUS, simpleSAML, Keycloak, or Shibboleth. This flexibility may be the reason organizations like the World Wide Web Consortium and companies like Axiad are using privacyIDEA.

Advantages of PrivacyIDEA

Cloud Protection

Various flexible options like on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments are offered by PrivacyIDEA. It protects the data of the organization stopping the wrong users from the access. Only the right person to the right device can grant access.

Accelerate Time to Value

PrivacyIDEA is in the favor of multiple geographic regions across the world. Increase the speed and improve the ease with which your organization responds to global demands for services with automated deployments. It will reduce the complexities which are associated with adhering to geographical requirements. To meet performance and operational goals for development, test or production you can configure and scale deployments as and when needed. It even has regional configuration options to aid you to comply with geographic or regulatory constraints.

Ease of Use and Operations

PrivacyIDEA is conscious that the initial procurement costs are just part of the overall cost when implementing a solution. Thus, they designed deployment architecture for scalability and ease of maintenance. Upgrades should not stop you in your tracks and require operational budgets far beyond your initial investment. There shouldn’t be a question that arises, technical experts are always available and assure a timely response.

Go Authentik

Authentik is an open-source Identity solution provider that offers MFA capabilities. It is highly focused on flexibility and versatility. Even in an existing environment, you can use authentik to add support for new protocols, implement sign-up/recovery/etc. in your application to avoid the problem of dealing with it and many other things.

It has some neat features like a proxy you can use in the cluster to add authentication to services or things like passwordless dashboards (Longhorn, etc).

Advantages Of Authentik

Suitable for Changing Business Needs

Authentik is highly flexible which means you can easily adapt to your changing business needs. It can be set up for all users, including employees, customers, and partners. It eliminates the need for multiple passwords, streamlines the login process, and improves the user experience.

Increases Security

Authentic’s open-source multi-factor authentication is the most effective security control to have in place for protecting on-premises and public cloud data.

Easy To Use

Authentic has made the authentication process easy by allowing access control simple.

Wrapping Up

All the open-source MFA solutions mentioned above are the most popular MFA solutions available in the market and are widely used as well as popular. If you are in the process of choosing the MFA solution for your business, we advise you to go through this blog thoroughly.

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