The Importance of Employee Security Awareness Training in Preventing Phishing Attacks

The Importance of Employee Security Awareness Training in Preventing Phishing Attacks

We live in a digital world, where our daily activities are shifting towards online in an increasing amount. Our dependency on cyber security has increased as we work, communicate, conduct commerce, and interact online. To safeguard the organization, employee security awareness training is necessary.

On the other hand, cyber-criminals are effortlessly trying to cause damage in our lives and businesses. They are gaining more chances to exploit our data by phishing attacks because of our increased use of the internet and mobile usage. In any of the business sectors, a successful cyber-attack can bring a company to its knees, causing damage that, in few of the cases, cannot be recovered.

Fortunately, with the help of security training, an organization can initiate to help mitigate the effects of cyber-crime and prevent phishing attacks.

You must be wondering what security awareness training is? Why is it important? Why is it necessary for your employees? No worries! This blog has answers to all your questions as this is all about security training.

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What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is a strategy created to prevent human cyber risk. This strategy helps to combat data breaches, identify potential cyber threats, and addresses the mistakes an employee might make while using the web, checking their email, or even within their physical environment.

Why is Security Awareness Training Important?

The important component of an organization’s information security and cyber security training is security training. It should be your top most priority to prepare your organization’s most vulnerable assets for defense against cyber threats as hackers continuously innovate their attack methods.

Why Is Security Awareness Training Necessary for Your Employees?

Due to lack of training, human error within cybersecurity most often occurs. There must be a layered approach to providing a reliable line of defense, regardless of whether your business is large or small.

Instead of thinking of your employees as the “weakest link”, you can empower your staff members to be your initial line of defense with the help of security awareness training. Security training allows your staff to take the right course of action against cyber attacks, for instance, phishing, social engineering and malware threats. Once the training is completed, staff should be able to make informed decisions about their actions or inactions while safely using the web.

What Should A Strong Security Awareness Training Include?

A strong security awareness training includes various elements. Few of them are mentioned below:

Educational Content

Training programs must be created in such a way that it will match the variations of technical aptitude as well as knowledge of cyber security among the staff. The key factors of effective programs are structured lessons, information for learning through newsletters, weekly emails, and policy updates that are accessible according to their roles.

Follow-up and Ongoing Messaging

To identify and mitigate risk it is necessary to include follow-ups and ongoing messaging in the security training. It is the short refresher to handle security problems against emerging threats.


Testing is an important element to guide through simulated attacks like phishing, evaluations, and assessments to evaluate enterprise workforce to follow best practices in cybersecurity.

Measuring and Reporting Workers

It is of utmost importance to measure and identify weaknesses, and flaws in the current programs and update them for effectiveness.

How to Create and Implement a Successful Awareness Training Program?

The responsible persons for drafting the security awareness training program are Chief Information security officer (CISO) and team members. Executives who are at greater risk should also be the contributors to the program and the strategy must be created in such a way that it will match the requirement. The Human Resource Department will lead the security training program and is a key stakeholder for the development of an organization’s approach to successful security awareness programs.

There should also be an assessment process. So the organization can understand the level of cyber security awareness. Also, can change the lessons to match their level.

How Often Should Security Awareness Training Occur?

In India, this training is a continuous process or a series of programs across the job roles at the organization. It is necessary to determine the frequency of the training and handled across the different departments. It is advisable to begin the training programs with new staff as a mandatory process. There is advocacy of practices by experts and the issue of the certificate as part of employment practice. It is the formal and informal structure to the process and establishes the best practices.

The process of assessing, evaluating, and testing will highlight the effectiveness of certain programs and others. Alternatively, learning management systems are available for organizations to conduct the training content and must be kept available for employees.

Security Awareness Training Costs and Resources

The type and duration of the security training are the two factors on which the cost is dependent. This mostly varies on the basis of organization’s exposure to risk and the strengths of the employees’. The cost be estimated to a few thousand when the companies use external resources that are free or low cost. On the other hand, Bigger organizations can cost more as they have a more extensive approach. They would be required to create customized security training programs to meet the varying comprehension levels in the organization.

Why To Choose Sennovate for Security Training?

Sennovate offers interactive, bite-sized lessons built to improve your employees’ security culture and habits along with preventing the phishing attacks and mitigating cyber risk. As said employees are the most important assets for any organization, it is really of utmost importance to train them. Also, to secure your organization from any cyber attacks, employee security awareness training is really necessary.

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